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Dirty Knees Soap Company Uses Modest Ingredients With Great Results

Did you ever find a scent that was so addictive you couldn't stop smelling it?  That is how I feel about Dirty Knees Minnesota Wood scent.  

I received some products from Heidi at to try and of course the first thing I did it smell all of the great soaps, hand lotions and body washes.  I tried some of the Minnesota Wood  hand and body lotion, and was immediately addicted to the scent.  I kid you not, this scent is amazing.  I really can not stop smelling my hands.  I let my husband try it and he feels the same way.  It is one of those scents that are so good, I can not get enough of it.  It is a light lotion that isn't greasy or sticky.  It absorbs nicely, leaving my skin soft.

There is a great assortment of Face, Hand and Body Lotions available.

As a matter of fact, all of the Dirty Knees products smell amazing.  They are made using modest ingredients and minimalist packaging.  You can see the love that is put into their products.  The handcrafted bar soaps are beautifully crafted and hand cut.  They look like works of art.  They lather wonderfully and rinse clean easily.  They leave my skin feeling soft and clean and smelling fantastic.

The soaps are available in several scents, including:

Bare Naked

Java Scrub

Minnesota Wood

Rustic Country 

White Ginger

Dirty Knees body washes are dye free and available in two scents that smell so good.  They make me want to roll around in the mud so I can hop in the shower!  Ladies, fair warning...  If your sweeties use these scents, they will smell irresistible!  In my opinion, they smell that good!  Don't say I didn't warn you! 

Body Wash Scents Available: 

Minnesota Wood

White Ginger

Dirty Knees Soap Company has partnered with My Stuff Bags Foundation.  For every 16oz. bottle of body wash that is purchased, they will donate a 2 oz. bottle.  Isn't that awesome?!

Check out this statement from their website:

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with My Stuff Bags Foundation, an organization addressing the needs of children who are rescued from abuse, neglect, or other volatile situations. Sadly, the children often flee with nothing but the clothes on their back. My Stuff Bags gives them something to hold onto - something of their own. Toys, books, school supplies, clothing, personal toiletries, a stuffed animal and blanket are some of the items they receive in a bright blue duffel bag. For every 16oz bottle of body wash sold we will be donating one 2oz bottle to My Stuff Bags, specially made and labeled for kids - "My Stuff Suds".

I love supporting companies that care about others and give back to the community.  

You can learn more about Dirty Knees Soap Company by visiting their Website

Dirty Knees Soap Company

Or Following them on Social Media

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