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Get Great Spring Cleaning Savings, Coupons and Deals With Target Cartwheel #EverydaySaves #ad

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lysol®, Finish®, Woolite®, and Air Wick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Spring Cleaning can be a real chore.  But Target cartwheel saves me time and money with their great deals and their Everyday Saves!

One of my favorite spring cleaning products is Woolite Dark.  Did you know that there is a dark materials formula by Woolite?

Woolite High Efficiency Extra Dark Dual Formula 100oz

Most of the sheets and curtains that I purchase are dark colors, like grey or brown or dark blue.  Woolite High Efficiency Extra Dark Dual Formula gives me that gentle cleaning on my dark sheets and curtains, and keeps my darks looking brand new.  I need a gentle yet efficient cleaner to get the stains out without ruining them, while keeping their colors true.  I trust Woolite for my fine washables.  It is also good for hand washing.

This product is also great for my black leather couch and jackets too.  I give my jackets a wipe down after wear with the 8:1 or 4: 1/2 cup ratio.

In addition, I like to wipe my black leather couch down with Woolite High Efficiency Extra Dark Dual Formula using the same formula.  It keeps it clean and smelling great.

If you have any questions about Woolite products, check out the FAQ section at

Did you know that you can also use Woolite Dark on everyday dark loads as well?  Woolite is a gentle and safe laundry product that doesn't contain bleach or enzymes.  Use it in place of your regular detergent, while following the washing instructions on your garment tags.

Here are some tips for hand washing your fabrics with Woolite:

Of course, you should always follow proper care instructions on your item, but here is a standard tip for hand washing from Woolite:

For Top Loaders:

1. Fill machine with water
2. Fill the Woolite cap with detergent from lines 1 to 5, depending on load size.
3. Pour Woolite directly into the washing machine
4. Add clothes in the machine

For Front Loaders:

1. Fill the Woolite cap with detergent from lines 1 to 5, depending on the load size.
2. Pour Woolite into dispenser/drawer

Follow these laundry care tips

Did you know that Woolite can be used for more than laundry?  

Here are some other great uses for Woolite that can help you out with your Spring Cleaning.

Woolite can be used at a dilution of 8:1 for everyday cleaning around the home.  I use it on my leather couch to remove dirt or grime.  It leaves it looking new and smelling great.  You can use a gentle soft brush to work it in, or even a soft cleaning sponge, or anything gentle.

Once, when I had vinyl covered seats in my kitchen, I used to clean them with 8:1 dilution of water and Woolite. (8 cups water to 1 cup Woolite).  They came out beautiful!  I always give anything I clean a pure water wipe after cleaning it.

Woolite also comes in a regular formula that works nicely on carpets, plastic and vinyl.

It is always a good idea to test any products used on carpet in an area to make sure they are color safe.

I use a light brush to clean light stains out of carpets or my dining room fabric covered seats.   I allow them to air dry.

They come out smelling wonderful and look like new.


Target Cartwheel is a FREE App that you download from the App Store on your phone.

Target App

Once you download the app, check out all the offers that are available.

Beginning 4/2, you can get great savings on Reckitt Benckiser products

·         5% off any Woolite Item

Also check out this promotional offer for Woolite!

o   Buy any 2 Woolite 100oz, get a $5 Target Gift Card 
(available until 4/8)

Be sure to get these great savings before they expire!

Cartwheel Coupon Offer (please note you can find these coupons here) Available 4/2-4/29:

·         5% off any Finish Item

·         5% off any AirwickFreshmatic item

·         10% off any Airwick Scented Oils

·         5% off any Lysol Cleaning item

Promotional Offer:

·         Finish:
o   Buy any 2 Finish Premium L & XL (MiO & Quantum) & 16oz RA additive - 
Get $5 Target Gift Card (available until 4/8)

I like to stock up on Finish for washing my glassware and keeping them sparkling.

·         Lysol:
o   Buy any 3 Lysol items - Get 1 FREE (available 4/9-4/29)

After cleaning, I always spray my home with Lysol to help kill germs.

·         Air Wick
o   Buy 3 5ct AW Scented oil and get free gadget (available 4/9- 4/15)

Airwick products keep my home smelling wonderful!  
Be sure to check out the latest scents, including Tropical Flowers and Fresh Linen.

Be sure to take advantage of these great coupons, savings and deals!

Be sure to take advantage of these great coupons, savings and deals!

Be sure to load up on these great 

savings on the Target Cartwheel App!  

I will be picking up a few for myself. I will be getting some 
extra Finish products. They get all my glassware and dishes sparkly clean.


  1. I absolutely love Cartwheel savings!! Thanks so much for sharing these deals!

  2. I love Woolite Dark, great for my hubby's uniform! No detergent marks and keeps dark clothes vibrant!

  3. I am horrible when it comes to laundry and never separate colors. (I know, I know) I never thought of using Woolite to help get stains out of carpets. Thanks for that tip!


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