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A Parent's Guide to Summer Safety for Social Media #safety #children

Hey Parents and Guardians!  Summer time is here, which means there will be lots of idle time for your children.  In a world of virtual reality, there will be many occasions that your children will be on some sort of social media channel.

Keeping our children safe is important when it comes to social media.  One popular app that children use is Snapchat.  It is a fun app that many teens use.  It is important for parents to understand how Snapchat works.  Here is a video from Safe, Smart and Social that thoroughly explains Snapchat and any safety concerns you may want to address with your child about the app.

I hope this video gives you a better understanding of how Snapchat works and addresses any safety concerns you may have.  Be sure to check out more of the online safety videos from Safe, Smart and Social as well.

Have a Safe Summer!

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