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Fireworks and Kids Safety and Information #kids #safety

Fireworks are pretty to look at, but they can be very dangerous if not properly handled.  I personally like to leave it to the professionals, when it comes to fireworks. They are trained in handling them. In my state, we have strict laws when it comes to fireworks, but in many states they are legal to use.  If you enjoy using fireworks, learn how to handle them first.  

Many parents let their little ones play with sparklers.  Sparklers are dangerous in the hands of little ones.  First of all they burn at very high temperatures. Second, they need to be held a certain distance from flammable materials, like clothing, and little arms are too short.

Here are some facts about sparklers from the New York State Homeland Security and Emergency Service.

 • Sparklers burn at temperatures of about 2,000 F 

• In 2013 there were 8 deaths and 11,400 reported injuries in the United States related to fireworks. Sparklers accounted for 31% of these injuries. Many of these injuries were to people under the age of 18. 

Please consider this information before handing your child a sparkler.

According to over 3000 kids are sent to the emergency room every year due to firework injuries.  Sparklers account for 1/3 of those injuries.

Something to think about:  Would you hand your child a lit match or lighter?  If your answer is no, why would you hand them a lit sparkler?

For a safe alternative, there are many light up toys or glow items.  Always supervise children at play.

You can read more about fireworks, sparklers and safety by visiting

If you still would like to allow your little ones to play with sparklers, here are fire, burn and scald prevention safety links from .

Enjoy your festivities and stay safe.

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