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Hey Guys! Get Your Game On with Game Face Grooming @gfgrooming #mensgrooming #men #athletes #sponsored

I use face and body wipes all of the time.  They are convenient and sanitary.  Game Face Grooming is a line of wipes for men.  These wipes are great for work or gym bags and great for every day use.   I would recommend to keep a set in your office desk as well. 

I gave my husband and son the opportunity to try the Game Face body wipes and they both gave them a thumbs up. My husband and son both like to work out at the gym regularly.  I recommended these wipes to them.  I was sent a package of the deodorizing wipes and asked them both to try them.  They liked that they could easily transport the wipes and that it had a stay closed seal.  They also liked that the wipes were so sanitary and effective.  Each said that they would like the wipes for keeping in their lockers or duffel bags for the gym and for at work.  They are both first responders.

Game face wipes are also great for anyone who plays sports or likes to travel.

The wipes are available in:

Cleansing - for face and body

Cooling - for those hot days and after a work out

Warrior Wipe - Antibacterial for hands or wiping down gym equipment before and after use

Deodorizing - for underarm and body

The wipes are available at the Game Face Grooming site as well as Walmart and GNC stores. (

Disclosure:  I received a package of Game Face Grooming Wipes to review.  All opinions expressed are my own and based on my own personal use. Your opinion may differ. Powered by Brandbacker.


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