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Rainy Day #Family Fun Ideas

I never let a little rain get in the way of a good time with the family.  Here are some fun rainy day activities that you can enjoy with yours.

Go to the museum.  

There are so many wonderful museums.  I especially  love strange and unusual museums. You may have many close by that you don't realize are even there.  Do a little research and you will discover a whole new world of knowledge.

Here is a museum directory by state.

Visit a local recreation center.

Maybe museums aren't your thing.  How about an indoor water park or playground?  Many states have indoor recreation.  See if any is available in your area.  You can even visit your local YMCA for fun activities.

Have an indoor camping party!

Set up some make shift tents using sheets, or if you have the room, set up a tent inside.  You can improvise and make some smores in the kitchen.  Turn off all of the lights and tell scary stories by flashlight and make shadow puppets.

Play indoor games!

Play hide and seek or have a treasure hunt.  Hide items around the house and have your kids try to find them.  You can even incorporate a little tidying up in the list.  For example, find all of the clothes around the house that isn't in a hamper and put them in one.  The kids will have fun.  You can make the reward whatever you desire.  You can even play charades or guess the picture.

Have family movie day!

Let everyone pick out their favorite movie and make some popcorn and treats.  Camp out in front of the tv and have a movie marathon.

Do Arts and Crafts!

I like to visit my local craft store.  Pick up some inexpensive art projects to keep on hand for rainy days.  Some craft stores have $1 sections that have these types of crafts for kids.  Or, you can even make some homemade crafts.  Here is a website to give you some ideas.

Make a scrap book!

Create a scrap book of places you would love to visit, or places you have been.  You can even make scrap books of the past year's activities.  

Catch up on your reading!

Go to the library and enjoy some new reading material.  Take out a few books to read during the summer.  Many libraries offer summer reading incentives.

I hope these ideas help make your rainy days more enjoyable and help make family memories.

Photo source: Pixabay


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