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Where Do you Get Your Inspiration?

Sometimes an event in your life can trigger a life changing transformation.  It could be something as simple as a conversation with a stranger or the success of someone else.  Whatever that inspiration may be, it touches our life in such a way that it makes us want to be a better person.

When I see someone succeeding in something that I would like to succeed at, I don't become jealous or envious.  Instead, I try to study their patterns.  I look at what they are doing to succeed.  I ask questions and try to find out what motivates or motivated them.  One thing that I do see many times is that they always set small or short term goals.  They don't concentrate on the end result.  

I have gotten taken off of the path to success on many occasions.  In my heart I want to succeed at something and find myself doing well for a while, but then get thrown off course.  In the back of my mind I often will tell myself to get back on track.  However, I don't always listen.

Last September, I started a journey to better health and was doing everything right.  Then I took a vacation a few months ago and started picking up bad habits.  I realize that I was starting to get back into those old bad habits that I didn't like.  I want to be more disciplined.

The funny thing is, when I was really strict with my diet, I wasn't getting enough exercise.  When I was slacking on my diet, I was strict with my exercise.  I even recently logged my one millionth step this year.

The other day, my husband and I were taking a long ride into the Pennsylvania mountains and I did a lot of thinking while riding in the car.  I decided that I don't want to keep on failing.  I want to succeed.  So, I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers and start tracking my diet again.  I seem to get the most success by tracking what I eat.  It keeps me from overeating.   You would be surprised at how many points are in some foods that you think are healthy.  Trust me, not every salad is a good food choice.  The next time you eat out, trying searching how many points are in the meal for the heck of it.  The number may surprise you.

I will begin my weekly journal again each week and I hope I can inspire you and motivate myself to be successful.

I will also be keeping track of my exercise as well.  I want to get the best possible results that I can.  I will succeed.

I believe in me.