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My Sleep Number Store Experience #MySleepNumberStore #ad

My Sleep Number is 35!

I never realized how comfortable I could be on a mattress until I visited the Sleep Number store at my local Westfield Mall.

My sales associate Craig was awesome!  

He was so knowledgeable about the mattresses and explained all of the different ones to me.    He also explained my sleep number to me and showed me what a difference it made on the pressure on my back. 

My husband and I are actually in the market for a new mattress and my next one is going to be a Sleep Number.  

I especially loved the i8 bed.  It is a split top mattress with separate adjustable sides.  The top and bottom both can be raised and lowered individually with the adjustable base option.  The mattress has a temperature balancing sleep surface.  It is soft to the touch.  I even have the option of adding a massage option!

The i10  360 Smart bed was great as well.  It actually has a built in monitor that self adjusts to get me in the most comfortable position.  It even has an optional feet heater!  That is perfect for those cold winter nights!

The most shocking part of my experience, is that I never realized how much pressure I am putting on my back and just how uncomfortably I am sleeping.  Once you experience your sleep number, and then go back to a normal setting, you can actually feel the difference and the pressure that is being put on your body.

The next time you pass by a Sleep Number store, I highly recommend that you stop in and test out their beds.

Disclosure:  I am writing this post as a member of Smiley360.  I will be receiving a gift for my visit. However, all opinions expressed are based on my own personal opinion and I was not required to write a positive review.