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How To Make An Adorable Ghost Pin #crafts #kidcrafts #halloweencrafts

These adorable little ghost pins are sure to put a smile on any little goblin's face this Halloween.

These pins are so simple to make with only a few steps.

First you will need the following supplies.

Cotton balls
white material or handkerchief cut into 3 inch squares
orange ribbon (or any pattern you want)
black fine point fabric marker
red fine point fabric marker
pin backs
hot glue sticks
glue gun
sewing needle


Start by taking your cotton ball and rolling it tightly in your hand to make a tight ball.

Take 1 white fabric square and turn it diagonal to  look like a diamond 

Place your cotton in the center of the diamond, fold the material over it and twist below the cotton ball.

Take a piece of  string and tie it tightly to form the ghost head.

take your ribbon and cut a tiny bow tie

Glue or sew the tie onto the ghost

Hot glue or sew a pin back onto the back of the ghost

Draw a cute little face

Add any accessory to your little ghost pin
(I used a pumpkin button)

Feel free to trim the material to shape your ghost anyway you'd like.

Wear and enjoy the compliments!


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