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What Does it Take to Become a Successful #Entrepreneur - An Interview with Marty Stallone VP of MDG

Starting a business is hard work.  It doesn't come easy.  Many tedious hours are involved and the entire process can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of elements that lead to the success of a company.  Many leading entrepreneurs, like Marty Stallone of MDG (Metropolitan Development Group) has said that the most important element that leads to sustained success is not central to one key factor.  A lot depends on the field of business you are in, and the area in which you conduct business. 

Having a strong team behind you can help you succeed tremendously.  You need a team of thinkers who are also planners and can foresee future objectives and strategies before they even come into play.  Just like in everyday life, planning and commitment are huge parts of success.

You have to set short and long-term goals, and come up with plans and ideas for achieving them.  You should leave nothing to chance.

Marty Stallone took an innovative approach in his position and responsibly managed all of his corporate functions.  The approach has led him to success because he paid close attention to his specific area of expertise and applied it to his work.

Another key factor to Marty's success was his previous experience.  Having a background in a specific area can help lead you to success because you learn from previous failures and successes.  Paying attention to commons issues in business and capital finance transactions in his particular case, are instrumental in his role with MDG and how he addresses common issues endured by government, corporate and non-profits.

Marty also focuses on Sustainable Urban-ism and climate change and how it can affect his business.   He feels "it is important that new land development projects must be properly accountable for climate resiliency needs and should prioritize ecological principles to whatever degree possible."
Paying attention to key factors, like those stated above, as well as adapting to needs and changes, can help you to stay successful.  You should always have innovative solutions in place. Do not leave anything to chance. I cannot begin to stress the importance of that.

Before you begin any Entrepreneurship, take notes from successful innovators and pay attention to key factors that took them to that next level of success. They didn’t get to where they are by accident.  It took foresight, planning, development and strategy to get to where they are today.

Be a smart entrepreneur, do your homework and make sure you are 100% committed and ready before you begin your business adventure.

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