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A Day at the Farm is a Day Well Spent

I love visiting local farms.  I get great satisfaction by supporting local farmers. Being at  the local farm is very relaxing to me.  The beautiful colors of all of fruits and vegetables, the sounds of the wind blowing through the apple trees, and the sounds of the farm animals are all so wonderful to see and hear.  

Recently, I visited a local "pick your own" farm and loved seeing how many of the fruit and vegetable I eat are grown.

The cabbage was probably the hardest to pick.  They are very sturdy and I had to get help from some younger kids to help me get it off of the stalk.

I enjoyed picking my own tomatoes, peppers and cabbage.  They taste so fresh straight from the vine.  It is nice to know exactly where the food I eat is coming from.

I even picked my own apples and grapes.  The grape vines smelled so good.

The animals on the farm were enjoyable to watch.  The baby goats were so shy and adorable.  They hid behind a tree waiting for their mommy to come feed them.

 The swans swam gracefully in the pond as onlookers, like myself admired their beauty.

By the end of the day I had filled my wagon with lots of goodies. 

Of course I picked up a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch too!

I can't wait to make salads, sauces and other recipes with all of the fruits and veggies I picked.

At the end of the day I took a walk over to the back of the farm where the backdrop scenery  was breathtaking, as it overlooked the mountains and valleys of Upstate New York.

Overall I had a very nice day. Next year, I think i may grow my own garden.


  1. I like the concept of a "pick your own " farm. Like you, I try to support local farmers by buying their products. Looks like you had a nice day.

    1. Hi Terra and thanks for visiting. It was a wonderful day.

  2. My SIL and I would have such a good time doing this! I can only imagine how fresh the product must taste!

  3. sounds like a great day. Do you have to pay to get in?

    1. Hello. Usually if you just visit the farm area there isn't. Some of the farms charge admission. It all depends. You can always check their websites.

  4. A day at the farm sounds like a great time.


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