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Simple Spider Cookies #Halloween #kids #kidcrafts

Halloween is such a fun day filled with spooky treats.  Here is a simple cookie  idea that you can make for your parties or classrooms with your children.  No baking!

Easy Spider cookies.

 fudge striped cookies
peanut butter cups
frosting (chocolate and orange)
candy eyes or sprinkle dots

Start by applying frosting to the top of your peanut butter cup

Press the peanut butter cup onto your cookie

Add orange frosting for eyes

Add sprinkle dots or eye balls

Serve and enjoy!

How simple is that?  Make these with your children for a fun family night.


  1. I've been thinking about making some kind of spider cookies to put in a care package to my college kids. I LOVE that yours are easy!

    1. My son is an adult and ate some. He loves pb cups.


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