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Staying Warm on a Budget

We are waking up to chilly mornings here in the Northeast.  It is time to start thinking of ways to help stay warm without raising expenses.

Here are some inexpensive ways to keep warm.

1. Dress in layers.  

Wearing layers will help you stay insulated and allow you to add and remove clothing to fit your warmth comfort. Wear a hat.  It is a known fact that heat escapes from your head, so be sure to wear a warm hat or cap.

2. Wear Warm Socks. 

 I have wool and lined socks that help keep my feet warm on cold days.  You can also keep warm fluffy slippers handy to wear around the house so that you can avoid the cold floors.

3. Warm Beverages

Drink warm beverages like tea or broth.  They will help to warm you up inside.

4. Warm blankets.  

I keep several blankets folded at the bottom of my bed so that I can apply them if I get cold.  I try to keep one light blanket and one thermal blanket.  This way I can use them in layers if I get too cold or too warm. 

5. Open the curtains and shades. 

 Let the sun shine in during the day to warm up your home. If it is very cold  or overcast outside you may want to do the opposite, especially if the windows aren't insulated.  The main thing you want to do is keep heat from escaping.

6. Bake a cake!  

You don't have to necessarily bake a cake, you can bake whatever you like.  However, baking helps to warm up the home.  I love baking in cold weather.  It not only warms up the home but it also makes it smell great!

7.  Check for drafts.  

Check all of your doors and windows for drafts.  Be sure to seal the drafts with caulk or cover the windows for the winter with special plastics designed to keep drafts out.  They can be purchased at your local hardware stores.

8. Keep moving!  

Exercise and motion warm the body up.  Look for ways to incorporate more movement into your day.

9.  Keep all of your doors closed in your home.  

Keeping doors closed with confine heat to each room and keep your main living area warmer.

10. Take a hot bath.  

Soak in a hot bath to warm up.  After bathing, keep the tub full to warm the room until the water cools.  If you have small children you will have to supervise them if you do this.

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  1. All great ideas to stay warm and conserve heat. We had to always keep the door to the mudroom closed during the winter because it bled so much heat.

    1. I invested in some draft blockers and also bought a kit to insulate the door jam .

  2. A lot of these are really fun as well as usueful. I usually don't take hot baths, so that didn't occur to me.


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