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Tis the Season For Giving - How To Make Wise Donations

This is the season for good will.  There are many charities and organizations that need our help by volunteering our time or making monetary donations.

Every year at this time, my husband and I decide which charities we will be making donations to, in addition to our usual donations.  There are local charities that house homeless families that we like to donate to.  

In today's day and age of "Funding" pages and scam websites, it is important for us to do research before making any type of charitable donations.  Unless you personally hand deliver your donation, you really don't know where your money is going to.

Another factor in making donations is knowing exactly how the money is being spent.  I like to give to charities that use my funds responsibly.  I don't want to send money to charities that are only using pennies per dollar, of my donation, to help those that my money is intended for.  I want the bulk of my donation to be spent to help others in need.

I always check the websites that I donate to by visiting  Charity Navigator.  They are an unbiased website that gives charity ratings.  They even have a list of charities with perfect scores.

Before you make your next donation, check out their website and verify the charity you are donating to.  Be sure to verify the web address and make sure they are using your funds wisely.

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  1. With charity scandals in recent memory, it's a good idea to make sure your donations are being properly handled.

  2. These are great tips on how to make a meaningful donation.


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