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10 Questions from Kids about the Holidays and Brutally Honest Answers

Kids say the funniest things.  I can remember how adorable my son was when he was young.  He use to ask so many cute questions about Christmas and Santa. 

Here are some of the cute questions that I remember him asking, and my ridiculous answers. 

Q1. How does Santa deliver all of the presents in one night?

A1.  It isn't December 24 everywhere on the same day.  As a matter of fact with the different time zones, Santa and his helpers are able to make their trip with lots of time to spare.  Santa has a high speed sled that allows him to go from country to country and home to home quickly.  Also,  not everyone celebrates Christmas.  Santa doesn't visit every home.  He only visits the homes of those who celebrate the holiday. When Santa gets too busy, he calls for backup and has some of the elves meet him at different places with extra gifts ready for delivery.  Sometimes Santa delivers gifts late too, just like mommy.  We aren't all perfect sweetie.

Q2. How long does it take Santa to make all of the presents ?

A2.  To be honest, Santa doesn't make every present he delivers.  He orders some of the toys from Toys R Us and other toy stores.  Some of the elves are lazy and don't work very fast. That is why sometimes the toy you want for Christmas isn't delivered.  So many kids want it, Santa orders as many as he can and when they run out, he replaces the gift you want with one that he thinks would make you happy.

Q3.  If I don't like a present that I get from Santa, can I write to him and tell him?

A3.  You can, but if you complain too much he may not deliver you any more gifts.

Q4.  Why do you have the same wrapping paper that Santa uses?

A4.  I asked him for his leftovers. 

Q5. Why are there so many Santa Clauses everywhere?

A5.  There is only one Santa.  The rest are helpers.  Santa is very busy at the North Pole making toys and making sure everything is in order.  He is too busy to be everywhere and just doesn't have the time.  Once in a while, Santa will make a guest appearance.  That is when I take you to see him.

Q6.  Can I give Santa a present?

A6.  Yes.  Santa likes chocolate and gift cards to Bed Bath and Beyond.  Let daddy know.

Q7.  How does Santa get into people's houses if they don't have a chimney?

A7.  Santa has a magic key that he uses to open doors.  He can even make a fireplace appear that he comes down.  When people live in large apartment buildings he sometimes uses the garbage chute.

Q8.  Why doesn't Santa ever bring me a puppy?

A8. Santa only brings pets to children that he knows will be responsible enough to care for them.  Maybe if you start helping mommy care for the cat you will get one.

Q9. I asked Santa to make it snow for Christmas.  Why isn't it snowing?

A9.  I don't know, but Santa got you a nice shiny snow shovel, so he must have snow on it's way and want you to help daddy shovel the snow when it comes.

Q10.  Why is Santa fat?

A10.  Santa isn't fat, he's jolly and it isn't nice to call people fat. Now go to your room.

Photo Source: Pixabay