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7 Festive Fall and Holiday Plants

Holiday plants such as cyclamens, poinsettias, amaryllises, and Christmas cacti are traditional gifts that can be enjoyed long after the Christmas season is over.

Here are popular Christmas plants that can be given as gifts to hosts during the holiday season.

Introduced to America by Joel Robert Pointsetts from Mexico, this beautiful plant has become the traditional Christmas plant.  The colored blossom is actually different shaded leaves of the plant.

These beautiful flowers are easy to care for and come into bloom during the Christmas months.  They make beautiful hostess gifts.

Cyclamens (Christmas Cactus)

Delicate, yet hardy.  They come in an array of colors and come into bloom during the Christmas season and continue to bloom for several months after.

Beautiful, delicate and long living blossom.  They are fragrant and come in a wide array of colors.

The lemon cypress likes to receive at least 6 hours of daylight a day.  They should be kept close to windows in your home. It has a strong lemon scent.

This soft to the touch plant can be beautifully decorated for the Christmas season.  It makes a wonderful centerpiece or decoration display.

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