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Fun Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Celebrate Christmas a new way this year.  Incorporate some fun Christmas party games into your day and enjoy all of the laughs and memories that are made!

Here are some fun holiday games that are sure to be a hit at your home this holiday!

The Box Game

The object of this game is to race to open up a present that is wrapped in layers of wrapping paper while wearing oven mitts. a hat and scarf.

There is a lot of action involved in this fun filled game.  You will need at least 3 players to play this game.  

This is what you will need:
A wrapped gift
oven mitts (2)
knit hat

Rules of the Game:

Wrap a small gift.  Then continue to wrap it in larger boxes.  Use DUCT tape to wrap the gift and do not disclose that the box is wrapped in layers of boxes.

Next get a pair of dice and some thing to roll the dice in to prevent them from falling off the table.

Place a coat, hat, scarf and oven mitts in the middle of the table along with the gift.  Have everyone participating stand in a circle around the table.

Choose a number between 2 and 12 to roll in order for the person to be able to get a chance to start unwrapping the gift. Start with an odd number like 2 or 4 and move to a more common number like 6 or 7 as you progress.  Each person gets one roll of the dice then passes it to the next person.  When someone rolls the number of choice, they have to do the following:

Put on all of the clothing, including the oven mitts and try to open the box, they continue to try opening the box until a new person rolls the lucky number.  They then have to remove all of the articles of clothing and the new person has to put them on before attempting to open the gift.  This will continue until someone successfully opens the gift.

Disclosure:  These game rules were obtained from Party Game Central

Left to Right Game

The left to right game is a fun gift exchanging game.   This is how it works.

Everyone must purchase a gift valued between $10 and $20 dollars.  Have everyone sit in a circle holding their own gift. Then, have someone read a poem containing the words left and right.  Each time the word left or right is said, each person must pass their gift in that direction.  This will continue until the poem or story is over.  If anyone is holding their own gift they may exchange it or you can continue to add lines until no one has their gift.

Here is a story you can use:

Suing Santa
Once upon a time, there was a lawyer named Bob RIGHT. His son’s name was Bill RIGHT, and together, father and son started their own law firm named RIGHT, RIGHT, & Associates.
RIGHT, RIGHT & Associates was famous for lawsuits that LEFT people penniless. They LEFT the Easter Bunny penniless when they sued him for the rancid eggs he LEFT in a child’s basket. They LEFT the Tooth Fairy penniless when they sued her for the insufficient compensation she LEFT under a child’s pillow.
But the biggest target of all was still LEFT – Santa Claus. He, too, would be LEFT penniless… if everything went RIGHT.
The father and son team found just the RIGHT client in an 8-year-old girl named (appropriately enough) Sue. Little Sue was upset that Santa had LEFT coal in her stocking last Christmas. RIGHT, RIGHT, & Associates argued that their client had been put on the naughty list without cause. They presented lots of evidence that the girl did everything RIGHT the previous year.
The only thing LEFT was for Santa to testify. Jingling all the way, he marched RIGHT up to the witness stand, raised his RIGHT hand, and swore to tell the truth. Santa said that while it might appear that little Sue had done everything RIGHT, there was one thing she did that LEFT him no choice but to put the girl on the naughty list.
“This can’t be RIGHT!” protested Bob RIGHT.
“We LEFT no stone unturned in our investigation!” said Bill RIGHT.
All this courtroom drama LEFT Sue shaking with excitement. “All RIGHT, I confess! On Christmas Eve, I got up in the middle of the night and ate the cookies that were LEFT for Santa! I didn’t think there was enough time LEFT to be put on the naughty list!”
Santa responded RIGHT away: “Ho ho ho! Little Sue, I keep the naughty list in my LEFT pocket at all times so I can make revisions on the fly!”
And with that, the law firm of RIGHT, RIGHT, & Associates was LEFT with no choice but to drop its frivolous lawsuit against Santa. And that year, neither Bob RIGHT nor Bill RIGHT was surprised to find that Santa had LEFT them coal in their stockings. But little Sue was shocked to wake up on Christmas morning to find that Santa had forgiven her for the frivolous lawsuit and LEFT her a nice, shiny present RIGHT under the Christmas tree.
“I’m glad Santa LEFT the naughty list in his LEFT pocket this time!” said Sue. “Now let’s see what he LEFT me!”  I guess the only thing LEFT to do is open my gift RIGHT away!

Disclosure:  This story and game idea was obtained from White Elephant Rules

I hope you enjoy these party games with your family and friends!