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Gift a Beautiful Locket - Gifts With Sentiment from offers beautiful sentiments for your loved ones.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post  

Personalized gifts that have thought put into them, are always my favorite types of gifts. has beautiful lockets that are simple to create and make the perfect gift with your own personal touch.  Your personalized locket will be cherished forever.

The process to create your own personalized locket is so simple.  Even a child could create one.

This is the beautiful locket that I had my sister's boyfriend design for her.  Each year he gives my sister a personal gift with sentiment.  We sat together and I wanted to see how easily he could work this website.  He had no problems at all.  It is very easy to maneuver through.  The process is effortless and the outcome is a gift that will be cherished for  lifetime.

You can see the beautiful detail and work that goes into each locket represented here. Each detail of this lovely locket was designed with his personal touch for her.  The outcome is so beautiful and I know that she will love it.

Here are the steps to create your one of a kind locket.

Step 1

Pick out your locket and optional birthstone or bail and front engraving.  There are many beautiful lockets and engravings to choose from.

Step 2

Customize the inside right side of your locket.

You can create your own text inside your locket, and add paper or etched photos that look exactly like your photo.

Step 3

Customize the inside left side of your locket.

Here you can add more text or photo options.

Step 4

Customize the back of your locket with special text or monogrammed etching. You may leave the back blank as well. 

Step 5

Pick out a chain to accompany your locket.

Step 6

Choose your shipping option.  You can have your item shipped in as quick as 1 day.
Need a last minute gift?  No problem!

We received our locket in 2 days. That is such a quick turnaround for this detailed piece.  I was very impressed with how quickly it arrived.

You can create your own beautiful locket, with quick delivery, by visiting also has a great array of products beyond lockets.  Visit their site to see all of the jewelry items available.

Be sure to follow on their social media accounts, to learn about promotions, products and more.



  1. I think this would be a perfect gift for anyone. I love this idea. It;s personal and sentimental.


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