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Working With PR Professionals

If you don't think that working with a PR Professional can get you the results you want, think again. Nancy Behrman began her career working as an assistant for a small PR firm, but knew after a couple of years that she had the drive to move on, and started Behrman Communications, her own successful PR agency.

PR Professionals, like Nancy Behrman, are familiar with the trends in the market and pay close attention to their client's needs. Nancy has successfully helped companies such as Kiehls and Burt's Bees blossom and thrive and turned both into multi-million dollar companies. For over three decades, her clients have included companies such as Philosophy, Tweezerman, Ulta, Oakley, L'Oreal Paris and many other prestigious brands on the market.

Nancy Behrman was one of the first PR professionals to realize the collaboration of beauty, health, and the celebrity and media world. Creating successful partnerships for her clients has earned her the trust and respect of top influencers in the business. She works with the top physicians, makeup artists, stylists and other top professionals around the country.

I personally think that Nancy's "hands on" approach is what has made her so successful. As a blogger and mom, I believe that it is important to have a hands on approach with my clients and understand the needs that they have, just as I do with my own family. By listening to the clients that I work with, I build relationships and gain their trust.

I like to push myself to work harder and I listen to successful people, like Nancy, because they have walked in my shoes and have been where I am now. I know that I sometimes can sell myself short by doing blog jobs that are gratuit. But, I feel that by building that beginning relationship and proving myself to the clients, I open up the door for future relationships and paid jobs. I know a lot of other bloggers probably look at this and are thinking that I am crazy, but I am comfortable with my decision and this has worked for me.

I know my self worth and have learned to grow as a blogger through trial and error. I find that when I began to work with PR firms, I learned how to grow and prosper as a blogger. I have been given many wonderful opportunities over the years through PR firms and enjoy the structure and guidance that I receive from them. As for the market, I personally have seen the trends and changes in the social media market over the past 7 years and know what my personal outreach of followers respond to. This has helped me to be a better blogger and has given me the confidence to take chances. However, I personally prefer to work with PR Professionals who are experienced and know the market because they make my job easier.

About Nancy

Nancy Berhman currently resides in Manhattan and has two beautiful daughters, Caroline, and Elizabeth.

When asked what she was most proud of in her career, Nancy replied:

"I’ve been in this business for over 30 years with a company I originally founded out of a studio apartment. I am proud of my vision and perseverance to build such an enduring business with so many exceptional stories of success and failure."

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