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How Your Logo Design Can Impact Your Business

Having a blog or a business takes a lot of hard work and effort.  We know that the 3 rules of running a successful business are location, location, location.  So, lets assume that you've picked out the perfect location.  Now the next step would be how to market your service or your product.

For starters, you want to make a good first impression with an attention grabber, such as your business logo. A lot of thought has to go into your logo because it is going to be the storefront of who you are, what you do and what you represent.

Your potential clients should be able to look at your logo and know exactly what you are selling or what you are trying to convey.  Things as simple as the color of your logo can make a huge impact on how consumers view your business or product.  If you are trying to convey a relaxed tone, you aren't going to have a vibrant colored logo.  The font is important too.  These little  components add up to one big outcome.  Before you take the step of designing your logo, check out a company or website that can help guide you in the right direction.

Companies like Logojoy can help you make the perfect logo for your business.  Their step by step options make it easy for you to design the best logo to represent you.

You can choose options such as :

Do It Yourself -  This option is usually chosen by people who are creative and like to do things themselves.  You also may not have the budget for a paid logo.  These step by step instructions will help you design a logo that best suits you at this moment.

Online Logo Maker-   This choice gives you more options.  Your online logo maker can design various logos for you to choose from.  The quality will be better than a do it yourself logo.  Be sure to pick out an onlne logo maker with good quality so that your logo doesn't look cheesy.

Logo Templates-   This is a low cost option with decent quality. However, because you are using a template, there is no guarantee that someone else could have the same logo.

Crowdsourcing- Pricing will vary here, so be sure to ask for specific pricing when using this method. This option takes time and could be costly.  In this method you work with a variety of designers who all design logos and you choose the one you like best.  Quality will be very good with this option.

Freelance Designer- This is where your logo is designed from scratch with your specifications or instructions.  Make sure you get pricing up front for this option so that no hidden costs or charges appear.  When choosing this option, be prepared to be as detailed as possible about your company, product and goals.  Your designer is going to need as much information as possible so that they can create the perfect logo for you.  Your end result will be exactly what you will expect it to be.

Design Agency- This is your most expensive option when designing a logo.   Costs run high because there is a lot of consultation and design involved in this option.  The design agency will usually present you with many options to choose from as you work to create your perfect logo.  You may like some aspects of a few different designs that you would like to put together to create the logo of your dreams.  The professional outcome will no doubt, be your best.

Whichever option you have in mind to design your logo, it can be found  on the Logojoy website.  Here you can learn about all of the choices you need to create that perfect logo, as well as all of the pros and cons that will go along with each option.

If you are thinking of re-branding or  just want to refresh the look of your logo, be sure to check out Logojoy first.


  1. A logo is the first thing people see of your business so it's extremly important to have that right. I'm not a creative person, so I'll definitely need professional help!

  2. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)


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