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Last Minute Gift Ideas

We are in the home stretch and Christmas is right around the corner.  

I wanted to give you some last minute, inexpensive gift ideas that you can use if you've forgotten any one on your list, or if you feel the need to reciprocate.

1. An assortment of homemade cookies.  Add a few pretty wrapped chocolates to add a special touch.

2. A bottle of wine.  Their favorite or something new.

3. A gift card to a movie with popcorn.  The gift of entertainment!

4. A personal cookbook of family recipes. This is a very nice gesture and would be loved.

5. Something in a jar.  (layer ingredients for cookies and top it off with a pretty bow)  I recommend leaving the eggs out .  hehe

6. A book.  You can give a nice picture book of their favorite place to travel, or any good read.

7.  Hand written coupon hearts displayed on a twine clothesline for chore promises.

8. Bubble bath with a pair of fluffy socks.

9. A bottle of nail polish with an emery board, adorned with a pretty ribbon.

10. A mason jar cocktail.  Put an unopened can of soda in the mason jar and attach an airplane bottle of liquor.  Another idea is a wine glass with a mini bottle of wine, adorned with some sweets.and treats.

These are just a few quick and easy ideas.  There are so many more you can make.  Think of things that would be cute to give in a jar, mug or wine glass and take it from there.


  1. These are the cutest ideas! I love the coke and small bottle of spirits idea.Thanks so much for posting. :)


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