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Check Out The Revolving Side Table I Put Together

I have always liked to fix things, put things together and tinker around the house.  

When I was a little girl, I use to like to watch my father build things and work on things around the house.  I use to follow him around like a little puppy dog, watching him do his projects.  I always wanted to help him.  It looked fun to me.  As I got older and married, I moved into an old colonial home.  I loved the charm of it.  Little by little I would do little projects around the house that needed to be done.  I would take down old wallpaper and hang things; typical house stuff.

I have always had a fascination with wood working and furniture building, but have a fear of saws and anything sharp.  When my son was in school, I encouraged him to take Wood shop so that he could get a knowledge of tools.  He was always a creative and artsy kid, so I knew he would like it.  He made me a few things, including a reindeer, bookshelf and napkin holder.  I was always so excited when he would bring home his projects.

Recently, I saw a really pretty revolving side table on Amazon that I loved.  I really wanted to get it.  I knew it had to be assembled, but I was up for the challenge.

When the package came, I just stared at it for a day or two.  I had to get myself mentally prepared to put it together. I'm not going to lie, I felt a little intimidated at first.

Once I was ready, I laid all of the pieces out and made sure that I had everything that the instruction sheet said.  I did.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed my adjustable screw driver and mini hammer and began.  Step by step I sat, putting the pieces together.

Then I began to assemble more.

The instructions were very clear in the manual on what I needed to do.  Step by step I sat assembling each part of the table.  I didn't even get mad or frustrated once.  I even said to myself, "Wow, this is pretty easy. A little too easy.  What is going to go wrong?"  Nothing went wrong..... nothing went wrong.  I did it! I put it together without a hiccup.

The table came out beautiful!  I even attached the revolving mechanism to make it spin.  I was so impressed. 

When my husband came home, I couldn't wait to show him what I had assembled.  He walked in and I immediately took him over to show him.  He looked at me with a smile and little giggle and said, "You made that?"  I giggled back and replied, "Yep, all by myself."  Then he gave me a little hug and said I did a good job.

I have a few more projects to work on.  I will post those on my blog too.

This table is available on Amazon.  It is really affordable too.  I think if I had to buy a piece of furniture like this, it probably would cost me 3x the price that it cost me to purchase and build it myself.

Here is the finished product.  I love all of the room I have for books and decor.

If you're interested in purchasing this table, you can visit this link.

It is an affiliate link, so if you buy it using my link, I do make a small commission.


  1. That is a cute little table but I know I would have a hard time keeping my cats out of it lol. I am usually the one that assembles things too I think because I have more patience. Good job Patty!

    1. Ha! I never thought of that. I think it would a fun cat house. lol I admit I am a pretty patient person.


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