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Emergency Preparedness - Keeping Your Family Safe

Severe weather and disasters can happen during any time of the year. Keeping your family safe should always be  the number one priority in any home.

Every family should have an emergency plan in place, especially if you live in hurricane, cyclone and tornado prone areas. Remember, every area has its own risks.  Don't be fooled into thinking that it can't happen to you.

When faced with an emergency situation, it is important to stay in control of the situation.  According to, the first thing you should do is ask yourself these questions:

How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?

What is my shelter plan?

What is my evacuation route?

What is my family/household communication plan?

Next, you should create a plan. Here are some tips to help keep you prepared.  

Keep emergency numbers in a safe place that you and your family can easily reach.  Having ICE numbers programmed into all of your household phones is important. Also, keep a list of emergency numbers in a safe place for easy access.  Make sure to keep your phones charged and have emergency backup battery chargers.  

Have emergency drills.  Practice what you and your family should do in the case of an emergency.  Having a plan can help you and your family remain more calm in case of an emergency.  Just as schools have fire and emergency drills, so should families.  Have a safe place to escape to, if possible.  If not, designate an area in your home to meet.  Always have a back up plan in case the initial area you choose is not safe to escape to.  Keep maps, and a tote with emergency home and auto supplies in a safe access area.  Make sure to include spare batteries, flashlights and a battery operated radio in your kit.

In case you can't escape, you need to have emergency supplies in your home.  Companies like My Patriot Supply have long term supplies of emergency foods and tools to keep you self reliant in the case of an emergency.  If you are ever stranded for long periods of time,  snowed in, or faced with unthinkable catastrophe, having a 3 month emergency supply or more, on hand can help give you some peace of mind until the situation is remedied.   Many times, during emergencies related to weather or natural disasters, water supplies can be contaminated  My Patriot Supply also provides emergency water filtration systems.

Keep copies of all medical, insurance and financial cards, as well as important papers in a safe deposit box, so that you can access the numbers in an emergency.  You should also write the numbers down and keep them in your purse or wallet.

Be smart.  Be prepared.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.