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Five Most Common Workplace Injuries

Injuries can occur at any time, especially when we least expect them.  Many personal injuries occur in the workplace. Some of them can be prevented.

Sprains and Injuries 

Sprains and injuries or other trauma that is caused by overuse are very common in the workplace,  especially, if you do a lot of hand and leg movements.  One common workplace injury is carpal tunnel which is caused by overusing your hands and wrists. 

Tool and Equipment Injuries

Improper use of, or poorly maintained tools and equipment cause injuries that can sometimes be severe.  Be sure you are properly trained so that you can minimize your injuries.  Also, make sure your equipment is in good working order before use.

Being Struck by Debris

Believe it or not, 10% of workplace injuries are called by workers being struck by debris.  This is especially prevalent in construction and warehouse jobs.  Always be aware of your surroundings and wear proper equipment to minimize injuries.

Falls, Slips and Tripping

One of the top workplace injuries are in this category.  Wet floors, poorly laid rugs and carpets, icy lots and poorly maintained properties can cause falls, slips and trips in the workplace.  Be careful of your surroundings and always bring hazardous conditions to the attention of your supervisor.

Poor handling of Materials

This is the number one cause of workplace injuries.  Improper handling of materials, lifts, spills, emptying and filling  containers can cause arm, back, neck and leg injuries.  Be sure that you are properly trained and wearing and being provided with proper equipment, to prevent injuries.  Remember, injuries are not always the fault of the employee or operator.  

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