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Pet Friendly Carriers Can Make Pets Feel Secure

My cat is a fairly large cat and most cat carriers are not really conducive to her size.
This soft, fold-able travel, pet carrier is nice and roomy and has a lot of nice features that I want to share with you.

First, it comes securely packaged from the shipper.

It arrives in this large zipped tote bag.  The carrier folds flat when not in use, so it it is easy to store.

The case is very easy to assemble.  It just zips together on each end.

Once zipped, there is a soft imitation wool padding included, that is placed at the bottom of the carrier.  It has a comfortable handle for easy transportation.

You can see how attractive and roomy the carrier is.  It has mesh sides so that my pet can see me  from any angle.  This helps her to feel more secure.  There is a large zippered trap door that easily zips open and close.  It can also be kept unzipped if your pet likes to sleep in these types of carriers, or crates. It is certainly roomy enough.

I found the best way to get my pet use to being in the carrier is by leaving it open and throwing some toys and snacks inside to get her acquainted with it and allow her to build up a trust with it.  You can also add a little bit of catnip inside if you were using it for a cat.  That would also lure your cat inside.

This particular is available in 4 sizes.  The one shown is 30"L x 21"W x 26"H.

You can purchase this carrier on Amazon

This is also available in these sizes:

20L x 16W x 18.5H
23L x 18.5W x 21.5H
36L x 26W x 29H

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  1. This looks like something the cats wouldn’t mind getting in. Once our cats see the carriers out, they start to hide. It usually takes us awhile to get them inside the carrier.

  2. It is nice and roomy Maria. You could probably fit 4 cats comfortably in it.

  3. This looks like a really nice carrier. I have been looking for something like this for our 2 cats. I have one of those hard plastic ones but I just don't like it.


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