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Tips for Staying Safe While Bike Riding and a Giveaway

Bicycle related injuries happen every day  AAA reports that 140 bicycle related accidents happen everyday  It is important to be prepared in case of an emergency.  Safety helmets are 85% effective in protecting your head and brain against injuries in the case of an accident.

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Select a Bike With Proper Fit

Wear Proper Safety Gear

Maintain Your Bike Regularly

Operate Your Bike Safely and Follow Road Rules

Wear Bright Colors

Go With The Flow of Traffic

Stay in Bike Lanes

Use Appropriate Hand Signals

Yield to Pedestrians

Stay Alert

Look Both Ways at Intersections

Ride Single File In Groups

Avoid Riding At Night If Possible

Use Lights and Reflectors

Do NOT Wear Headphones While Riding

Plan Routes and Inform Family 

Take a Bike Safety Course

And Always 

Carry a Bike First Aid Kit

Here are 2 kits from SJ Works that are specifically designed for mountain and road bikes.

Each kit consists of common emergency items that can give you first aid relief in the case of an emergency.

The first kit is designed to sit in the triangle frame of your bike

The second is designed to be worn behind your saddle seat.

Both of these kits are stored in a waterproof reflective case and are available on Amazon from SJ Works.  

Click each link to visit Amazon for purchase. The accompanying videos explain all items that are enclosed in each kit.

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