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Valentine's Day Gift for the Craft Beer Lover

Surprise your beer loving Valentine with a subscription to the The Original Craft Beer Club!

My husband and son both really enjoy craft beers.  They love to visit microbreweries when we are on vacation, and like to try new and interesting beer flavors. This is a gift that I know they will both enjoy.

Craft beers are really popular right now and there are so many out there.  The Original Craft Beer Club allows the recipient to try different beers every month from different breweries from different regions.  The beer styles range from pale ales to stouts and everything in between.  It is a nice way to discover new beers without having to purchase an entire 6 pack.  Who knows, maybe they will find a brand new favorite!

Here is a list of all of the styles you can expect to try, depending on the length of your membership.

Beer Styles featured:  There are even more than these!

My son really enjoys sour, Belgian triple ales and American Dark Wheat varieties.  My husband likes the IPAs and stouts.

The Original Craft Beer Club can let them both explore and discover new and exciting beers from all over the USA.

Here is what you can expect in your monthly box:

Month after month, year after year, The Original Craft Beer Club takes pride in assembling their monthly beer club shipments. They look at the each brewery, see what style they are famous for and try to include the most popular award-winning varietal in their beer club shipment. Pairing four different styles can be challenging, or it can be easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Nonetheless, they ship a complete variety of craft beers, every time. Two different Breweries, 4 different Styles (2 styles from each brewery), 3 beers of each style.

You can choose from a variety of different memberships.  You can choose from 1 month to 12 months.  It is entirely up to you!  If you want to try it for 3 months you can do that, 5 months? Why not? It is your choice.

New Craft Beer Club Recipients receive up to 3 Free Bonus Gifts in the first shipment

• FREE for All: 1 Year Subscription to Beer Connoisseur E-Magazine ($15 bonus)
• FREE: Bottle Opener & Subscription with purchase of 3-12 shipments ($22 bonus)
• FREE: Coasters, Opener & Subscription with purchase of 6-12 shipments ($35 bonus)
• EXTRA BONUS: Get $25 off and 3 Free Gifts with 12 shipments or more ($60 bonus)
• FREE Online Greeting Cards: Or include card in the 1st shipment for $1.99


The Original Craft Beer Club is also perfect for the creative chef.  Many delicious recipes are created using craft beers.   Check out all of the delicious recipes listed on the Craft Beer Club blog.


Is your mouth drooling over those recipes?  Mine is!

You can learn more about The Original Craft Beer Club by visiting their website at

Be sure to follow them on social media for even more up to date information on your favorite brews and more!

Disclosure:  I received a membership in exchange for my post.


  1. This WOULD make a great Valentine's Day gift. There are alot of microbreweries in this area. It is really big attraction downtown.


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