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Fruity Ways To Get Your 5-A-Day

Part of being healthy is exercising and cutting out junk food. Working out is frustrating but uncomplicated because the gym is open 24/7. Plus, it isn’t as if hitting the treadmill is going to make your head spin! Eating healthy foods is a different matter altogether. For one thing, the majority of us don’t know what constitutes healthy and what is unhealthy these days. Secondly, we all love food to some degree, and cutting down can be hard because temptations are everywhere. If only there were some way to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day without it being a chore. In fact there is, and you can find the tricks underneath. Be careful because there is such a thing of eating too many fruits and vegetables!

Juicer/Smoothie Machine

As singular items, fruits look quite intimidating. Imagine having to eat five bananas or oranges in one sitting. It would be incredibly filling and bloating and put you off eating five-a-day for a while. The good thing is that juicers and smoothie machines condense fruit into an easy-to-drink liquid. And, it only takes up a regular-sized cup or glass. By downing the fluid, you will have five portions of the good stuff coursing through your veins without having to gorge. You can mix fruits and vegetables if you like, but it may be a weird combination. Instead, focus on pairing fruits that sound tasty. For example, kiwi and strawberry is a concoction you’ll see in supermarkets and organic stores around town.


On the flip side, there is a soup machine which does, basically, the same job. Stick a variety of ingredients into the device and then let it mush and boil. When the timer strikes zero, the raw ingredients will have turned into a delicious soup. Well, it may not be yummy, but that depends on the recipe! With a little salt and pepper and cream, the broth-like liquid should be very tasty indeed. An excellent method to keep in mind is potato and leek soup. The spuds add a thick consistency, while the leeks are a touch bitter and tangier. Plus, the national vegetable of Wales is low in calories and contains lots of water to hydrate the body and maintain a healthy digestive system.


Most of us think we have to eat fruits and vegetables as part of a meal, but it isn’t the case. As the tips above prove, there’s a lot of benefit in drinking your five-a-day. Another neat trick which everyone should know is mixing fruit with H2O. Flavored water is popular nowadays because it adds a touch of excitement to an otherwise boring liquid. But, it also contains pieces of real fruit, which means the flavoring counts as part of your five portions. From watermelon water to lemon and lime, there is no easier way to drink fruit. Do watch out for unnatural sugars though as they are unhealthy and hard to break down. Speaking of lemons, you can also cut out slices and stick them in a tall glass. Any drink such as water or teas goes great with an extra zing and sucking on the fruit afterward tops up on the five-a-day portions.

Salads and Bowls

Salads and food bowls are very popular and a great way to get in extra fruits and veggies. Check out this delicious and nutritious Gluten-Free Asian Watermelon Turkey Bowl recipe from Jen

Homemade Curry

This Indian staple is often seen as too fattening to eat on a regular basis. Sure, the ones from takeout restaurants contain all sorts of saturated fats and unhealthy ingredients. However, a homemade curry is different because you control what goes in and what stays away. So, all you have to do is throw in as many vegetables as you can get hold of and cook them until they are soft. A tip: chickpeas and lentils go perfectly with a sweet sauce. Once the veg is brown, simply add the stock and simmer until it is golden and bubbling. An average portion should be low in calories but high in vegetables.


Yes, you are correct – popcorn isn’t a fruit or a vegetable. Sometimes you have to break the rules, especially when this grain is as healthy if not healthier. According to research from America, this snack is full of healthy ingredients which help to fight diseases. Indeed, an average serving contains more than 250mg of antioxidants that regulate the body’s main systems. Compared to fruits and veg, the figure is almost an extra 100mg, which is a significant amount. Of course, salty and caramel covered versions are high in calories, so opt for plain, as boring as it sounds.

How do you make sure you eat five portions of fruits and vegetables every day?