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Garfield Nine Lives

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Garfield is back with his friends Jon and Odie for 2 new hilarious adventures in this newly released DVD titled Garfield Nine Lives.

This entertaining DVD contains two fun adventures.

In the first adventure titled His Nine Lives, Garfield explores all of his nine lives from Cave cat to Space cat.    Along with Odie and Jon, Garfield lives many interesting and exciting lives.  When he is faced with his creator, Garfield exclaims that the deck was stacked against him in his last life.  Will Garfield be given back his 9th life?

In the second adventure titled Garfield In the Rough, Jon tells Garfield that he and Odie are going on a vacation with him.  Garfield is very excited until he finds out that the vacation is to a camping ground.  As if things couldn't get any worse for Garfield and his friends, a panther has escaped locally and has entered the campground! Will the Rangers find the panther before it finds Garfield and his friends?

Both of these cartoons were fun and entertaining to watch.  I grew up watching Garfield and Odie. I have always loved their funny adventures together.  I enjoyed this DVD and think you will too.

Garfield Nine Lives is available on Amazon Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, The PBS Store and wherever Garfield DVDs are sold.