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Let’s Here It For Australia: Four Of The Best Cities To Visit

Australia is such a vast country with so many wonderful destinations within it, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that this country is on many people's bucket lists when it comes to travel. Of course, as Australia is so big, taking a four hour flight to get from one side to the other, it can often be a destination that you need to carefully plan the locations you visit, or return back there. However, there are some iconic cities within Australia, and I wanted to share with you four of the best.


Perth is situated in Western Australia and is also the capital of this state and is seen as a great town with a lot to offer. It is actually the fourth most popular area in Australia. Lined with glorious sandy beaches it is a own hat can be seen as very family friendly. It would be worth considering getting some transport to explore the town so a quick look online should highlightt the
best car hire rates in Perth to help you make the most of your time here. With beautiful botanical gardens, suburban towns filled with flare and Mount. Eliza offering stunning views of the town, you won’t be disappointed making a stop here.


Sydney is by far the most well-known city in Australia, and no doubt there is one iconic site everyone is familiar with, the Sydney harbour and the Sydney opera house. Sydney will no doubt be on the majority of bucket lists and for good reason. With Bondi beach, a fantastic city vibe, and plenty to see and do, Sydney really does have it all. It is the capital of New South Wales, and is actually one of Australia's largest cities.


Did you know that Melbourne has been voted the best and most lovable city in the world? It is easy to see why. The capital of the sunshine state of Victoria, Melbourne has a coffee culture to rival any critic, a fabulous old town feel, with the benefits of being on the coast. You have the Southbank on the Yarra river for fabulous bars and restaurants and some great suburban towns where you can really kick back and enjoy the relaxed environment that Melbourne offers. There is also a real focus of art in Melbourne, with a district dedicated to museums and galleries showcasing some of the best work around.


Adelaide is Southern Australia's most vibrant city, and is definitely worthy of a visit if your find yourself down under. There are an array of museums some dedicated to art, and one in particular being the south's largest display of indigenous art and culture. It is also the fifth most popular town in Australia, and definitely has something to offer for individuals, couples or families.

Australia is definitely a popular place for a bucket list, but make sure if you do have it on there that you are a little more specific about where you might want to go. I hope this has given you some indication of what Australia has to offer, however, there are also other gems such as Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Cairns, to name a few.

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