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Make Your Rooms Stand Out with 3D Wall Panels

If you are looking to make your room stand out, 3D Wall Panels are a great way to do that.

You can create a unique atmosphere in the design and texture you have always dreamed of.

CSI Wall Panels are 3D Wall Panels that are made to your size using MDF, Gypsum, Metal and more.

CSI Wall Panels is a leading designer and manufacturer of turnkey wall panel systems featuring innovative modular designs and an engineered framing system used exclusively in Educational, Retail, Medical and Commercial markets. Spanning 7 collections featuring over 160 designs, 6 core materials, and over 500 finishes in their selection of wall panels is industry leading.

These panels are suitable for new constructions or renovations. 

You can choose from a variety of collections from retro to modern.  These collections include:


The designs are truly breathtaking and can be customized to suit your needs.

Who is CSI

We serve the A&D community of Architects, Designers, Contractors and Owners of projects in the Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Corporate and Resort Industries.  Offering more than 160 designs and 6 different core material applications, we provide a turnkey solution from design through manufacturing and installation thereby warranting that we will convey your vision from concept to completion.
  • Our collaborative strategy involves Architects, Designers, Production Engineers and Project Managers. 
  • Our visual language supports and certifies the path for you to look for the best option. 
  • Our manufacturing process starts when you, (our client), and us, (your team) agree on the right component, in terms of design, materials, specifications, scope, cost and schedule. 
  • Our production system is always aligned with the design intent. 
  • Your vision is our work.

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Disclosure This post is sponsored by and photos were supplied by CSI Wall Panels.