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Opossum Awareness

Spring is coming and soon we will be seeing many opossums at night.

I am writing this post to make you aware of the benefits of opossums.  

Did you know that one opossum eats over 5,000 ticks per season?  They are important to our environment and although they eat so many ticks, they do not get lyme disease.  They also are considered nature's pest control and clean up crew,  because they eat dead animals, rodents, insects and snails.

If you see opossums in your neighborhood, please ignore them and allow them to live in their own natural environment.

Many opossums hiss or play dead when they are frightened.  If you encounter one, simply walk away.

Check out these facts about opossums

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Learn the facts about these beautiful creatures. 
Please do not harm them.

Disclosure:  This is NOT a paid post.