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Satiating Your Wanderlust Without Breaking the Bank

Wanderlust: a strong or innate desire to rove or travel about. If you’ve been hit by this sensation,
you’ll definitely know about it. You’ll spend hours daydreaming about visiting places you’ve never
been before. Half of TripAdvisor's hits will be solely down to your searches, as you build up a travel
bucket list detailing every tourist hotspot you want to hit up. Your general geographical knowledge
will improve tenfold, and everyone will be vying to have you on their team when you turn up at a
pub quiz. But the best part of wanderlust is that it can be brought to life. Why spend all this time
researching and opening your eyes to what the world has to offer if you’re not going to dabble in
it yourself at some point? Now, the two main things that generally but a hold on people's journeys
are doubt and cash. Doubt can easily be overcome. You’re a strong, independent person who
needn’t worry about heading out into the wider world alone. If you do desire company, you can
always reign in a travel buddy to share your adventures with. The cost of travelling the world, on
the other hand, is a little more difficult to overcome. But not to worry. We’re here to help. Here’s
everything youneed to know about funding your round-the-world trip.

Your Options

You’re going to have two main options when it comes to getting the funds together. These are
saving or taking out a loan. Saving is perhaps the most financially sensible, but there are several
problems with this. First, you need to have patience. Second, you will need a full-time job to save
the full amount at the same time as getting by with your day to day life. By the time you’ve saved
enough, you’ll probably be pretty well settled in your position and reluctant to leave. There’s no way
any full-time position will realistically let you have months at a time or an entire year off while
keeping your position on hold. The second option is to take out a personal loan. This will give you the
opportunity to head away sooner rather than later. If you have bad credit, you needn’t worry either.
There are plenty of loans for people with poor credit available.

Cutting Costs

While travelling may seem unavoidably expensive at first glance, there are various areas where you
can cut costs. Plan a coherent and logical route from one country to another. This will reduce the
costs of flights and other transport dramatically. Take as little luggage with you as possible to reduce
excess baggage costs. Also, consider staying in hostels. They may not have all of the facilities and
amenities that you’d expect of a hotel, but you will be rewarded with low prices per night. If you’re
out and experiencing the location you’re staying in, you will literally only be using this space as
somewhere to rest your head at night anyway.

So, if you’re struck with wanderlust, don’t suppress it! You can easily make your way around the
world by following these few pieces of advice.

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