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10 Accessories For Living Out Your Car On A Road Trip

Got a road trip planned? Here are a few essentials that will help make your journey easier, especially if you’re planning to travel on a budget.

Car phone charger

Keeping your phone charged up en route is essential if you want to be able to contact people, access directions and research the local area. Buy yourself a car charger so that you never run out of battery

Road maps

It could be handy having some physical road maps as a backup in case you lose your phone/satnav or you’re trying to preserve your data. Road maps can also give you a good idea of the lie of the land – some people may find them better for planning journeys.

Portable stove/cooking utensils

If you want to save money on cooked meals one night, it could be worth bringing a portable gas cooker and a few cooking utensils like pots, pans, cutlery and bowls. You should never cook in the car – this could be very dangerous! For cleaning up your utensils, you may also want to buy a sponge and some washing up liquid.


A cooler can help you to keep food refrigerated, helping you to preserve it longer. This blog on coolers has a few different types to choose from. You can also buy electric mini-fridges, although these can use up a lot of your car’s battery.


For keeping hot drinks and soups warm longer, it could also be worth buying yourself a thermoflask. The most top quality thermoflasks will keep contents hot longer, whilst cheap ones may not be so effective.

Sleeping bag

If you want to save money on accommodation a couple nights, bringing a sleeping bag could allow you to sleep in the car. A few pillows could also help to make things cosier. Cars can often be fairly uncomfortable to sleep in and it could help to have some pillows to lay down over the seat. 

Windshield cover

Windshield covers can keep the light out when you want to get some kip, as well as stopping strangers staring in. A more effective option could be a tarpaulin. Always choose quiet and safe places to sleep. 

Roof box

A roof box can offer some extra storage space for your journey allowing you to pack more. This could be a great place for storing sleeping bags and crockery and your gas cooker (portable gas cookers can sometimes leak gas, so having them in the roof box could be more sensible).

Car bin

For the sake of hygiene and tidiness, it can be worth havinga car bin to put trash in. A plastic bag may be effective enough, although bins can keep your rubbish securely sealed.

Tow bar

For many, a road trip almost always includes having a camper or a trailer in tow. By installing a towbar such as the ones you can find at Speedy Towbars you can have it on hand any time you decide to go and head off into the wild.

An emergency kit

In case you break down somewhere, it’s worth having a breakdown kit. You can buy pre-packed emergency kits which contain items like first aid kits, warning triangles and breathalysers.

You may even want to pack some extra for rural and off-road driving such as a shovel, jerry can and tow rope if you’re planning a remote adventure.

If all of this seems like a lot of work, you may even ask yourself “how much does a limo rental cost?” They’re roomy and comfortable and even have a mini fridge!

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