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An Amazing Display Of Muscles And Fitness

Earlier this month, I set out on a road trip to visit The Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio with my husband.  The Arnold Classic is a Strength and Fitness Expo. 

I hadn't been back to the expo in almost 10 years. So much has changed in that time, even  Columbus looked different to me.  The last time I went to the festival, my son came with us. He was still in High School at that time.  He was just starting to get into weight lifting and fitness.  I remember he got the chance to meet Lou Ferigno.  That was a thrill for him. My son is still is into weightlifting and fitness.  It is sort of more of a hobby for him. The crowd then was no where near what it was this year and the Expo center was smaller then.  This year the crowd was spectacular. There were times when I couldn't even move.

One of the highlights of going to The Arnold Classic for me is the Strongman competition.  It is an amazing display of strength that can not be paralleled.  Here, the strongest men from all over the world compete against each other is five different categories to see who will reign the champion.  It is a prestigious title that only a few have been able to attain.  This year's competitors reigned from the US, Iceland, Poland, Russia and Canada.  The favored winner who ultimately won the strongman competition was Hafthor Bjornsson (Thor).  Many of you may know him as "The Mountain" from the Game of Thrones series.  I will tell you that he truly is a mountain of a man.  I was in awe of his size and statute as he walked by and towered over me and everyone else in the room.  I took a video as he walked past me on his way onto the stage.

I could just see the determination in his face.  He had competed here before, but had never earned the title of  the strongest man at the Arnold World Strongman World Series here in Columbus, Ohio. This year was his year. The title was previously held by Brian Shaw of the United States.  

All of the competitors were very down to earth.  I got to see some of the past competition winners at some of the booths at the expo. Some of the past winners in attendance, but not competing included 

Branch Warren

Flex Wheeler

Other competitions at the event range from dance to boxing and everything in between. 
 I personally like to watch the strength competitions.  We were looking forward to seeing Kristin Pope compete in her weight lifting competition.  She did a great job.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a few appearances during the show.  I always seemed to be in the right place at the right time when he came around.  He is still in great shape. If you check out his Instagram, you can see how much he enjoyed himself at the show.

Another great part about the The Arnold Classic is the Expo room.  It is chock full of companies looking to give exposure to their products.  As a blogger, I like to learn about new products and this is one of the best places to learn about everything fitness related as far as food, supplements, equipment are concerned.  Some products that caught my attention was the Enlightened line of  better for you snacks and desserts.  These products are delicious.  They are high in protein and fiber, and low in sugar and fat.  I wound up picking up some of the products to take home. They were the roasted broad bean crisps which came in a great variety of flavors.  I picked up the Sweet Cinnamon and Mesquite Barbecue.  They were both amazing.  

Enlightened also has a great line of ice cream pints and bars in flavors like french toast, donut, brownies and cookie dough, frozen hot chocolate and more!  Check them out online for a store that carries their brand near you!  Did I mention they were all 100 calories or less? 

Other great products at the expo ranged from supplements and vitamins to nutritional products, equipment, clothing and pretty much everything that has to do with fitness.  If you enjoy fitness, weight lifting, strength and agility training, cross fit and anything else related to fitness, you should definitely check out The Arnold Classic.  It is held every year in early March.


  1. I bet you had a great time. And Enlightened ice cream is DELICIOUS! I tried for the first time a couple of months ago.

    1. We did. I have lots more pics and videos. I posted some on Instagram. We went to eat in an old brewing company called Barleys which was very good.


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