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Easily Set Up Your Non Profit and Charity Auction Events via Charity Auctions Today

If you like to run online auctions or your charity or company runs live auction events, you should check out  They have all of the tools you need to easily help make your auction a success. is a website for users on a budget.  It is an easy way to set up live event and mobile auctions on line. You can even set up bidder pools.  Bidder pools help you gain more exposure and help to drive more bids. The bidders can be automatically notified via email or text when they have been outbid.  

This process is made simple so that your team can easily manage everything all in one place.  You can easily setup and run everything yourself.  They also have a support team to assist you when needed, as well as a knowledge base that can answer any questions you may have.

You can have your auction created in 5 minutes and can even start adding items from the Auction Dashboard. The site is easy to navigate and they make it easy to manage every aspect of your auction.  There aren't a bunch of useless feature that you don't need.

Charity Auctions Today is the #1 Mobile Bidding and Online Auction platform.  It is geared towards users on a budget and allows you to list up to 1000 items on their user-friendly auction platform.

This site is perfect for school functions, memorial foundations, fundraisers and non-profit auction events.  

Here is a brief explanation of how it works:

Whether you are a nonprofit, individual, school or corporation running an employee auction to support a local charity, Charity Auctions Today can help.

They have run every type of auction imaginable and have even run an auction for a small country's government.

You can display anything you want in your auction.  You are in full control of who you want to display it to and who you want to raise money for.  You are also given the power, tools and training your team needs to manage mobile bidding at your live event to save thousands of dollars.  You no longer need to hire a third party to do that for you.

Your auction can be doubled as a crowdfunding page.  In just one click, you can add a DONATE NOW button to your auction, so that people can donate money if they do not find an item they want to bid on.

Your bidders will find it simple to register and bid.  If they are outbid they will be immediately notified via text or email.  They can enter and re-enter bids from anywhere.

Did you know that CharityAuctionsToday is the only charity auction with a Facebook App?  You can easily add your auction to your Facebook page for more exposure, and you can even run your entire auction through Facebook.  You can choose this option anytime you would like to.

This feature can expose your auction to the more than 1 billion Facebook users and can help increase bids and page likes.

Charity Auctions Today has built-in social media tools that allow visitors to share your auction with their family and friends.  They are very easy to use.

It has been shown that with every share, you will receive an average of 4 new members to your cause.  This is a great way to increase your donor database.

Your auctions can be created immediately, "on the spot", or scheduled to start at a later time or date.  The system will automatically start your auction on the date and time you choose.  You can even stagger multiple time blocks to start and end your auctions.

If you run live events, the system reminds your bidders via email or text at the time and date you specify.  You can even start your auction while you are still adding items to it.

You can have bidders pre-register credit cards to simplify their checkout process.  You can also create invoices which can be sent out via email or text, allowing the bidders to enter their payment information.

You auction payouts are usually deposited to your bank account within 48 hours.

So, the next time you are looking to run a fund raiser or auction, check out

Here is some information Advanced Training in Auction Management from Charity Auctions Today.

Advanced Training in Auction Management

In this free powerful training, we include:
- How to setup and run successful online auctions while saving hundreds on event venues.
- How to save thousands of dollars by having your team of volunteers manage the mobile bidding at your next live event. Why pay a company to come in and manage your mobile bidding when we make it this easy!
- PLUS: You get our Text Message Templates for capturing more donations. We want you to get the MOST profit from your next auction.
This training was created for new users with little or no auction experience. It's the perfect way to get the most profitable performance out of your Online Auction or Mobile Bidding At a Live Event Auction.

Trusted By Thousands of the World's Top Nonprofits, Schools & Businesses

To learn more about CharityAuctionsToday, visit their website.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. I received compensation for this post.