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Five Tips to Finding the Right Attorney

If you live in the Tampa, Florida area and are looking for the right auto accident attorney Tampa, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind you would like to ask them.  You may even feel like you don't know how to begin your search.

Even finding the right personal injury attorney Tampa takes time.  Here is a list of five tips you can use to help ease the process.

Visit the Law Office

Contact the law firm that you are thinking of interviewing and ask for an office tour.  See if you feel comfortable in the office.  Ask to see the conference room and other offices.  Are the offices clean and orderly? Is the staff friendly?  Do the employees seem happy?  Are your calls being returned in an orderly fashion?

Ask Your Lawyer for an Interview

Make a list of questions to ask.  Include questions about references, experience, success records,  time in practice, skills, rates, fees, and how you will be informed of developments.

Do a Background Check

Contact your local lawyer disciplinary agency to see if your perspective lawyer is in good standing.  Check ratings and peer review ratings.  These will give you an indication of the lawyer's ethical standards and professional abilities.

Speak to Other Attorneys

Many lawyers know the reputation of other lawyers.  Speak to some fellow lawyers and see if they can provide any information on the practice or ethics of the lawyer you have in mind.

Consult a Reputable Law Directory

You can look online or in your local library for a law directory, such as Martindale Hubbell, that can give you basic profile data and professional biographies of leading lawyers in your area.  You can also see law firm ratings as well.  This directory has a lot of useful information that will help aid in your decision process.

When you prepare yourself properly, it will be easier for you to make a educated choice and feel confident in doing so.  Take your time, study the information you collect and seek advice from other friends and family who may have gone through the same process and can provide helpful information as well.

I hope these tips can help you find the perfect lawyer.  Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask about anything that is on your mind.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  Some information obtained from The Balance.