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Let Me Enjoy A Cup Of Viva Italia

Viva Italia!

You may not know it, but you owe Italy a lot of your favorite things, from pasta to some words of the everyday language – or scientific language depending on your sector of activity. And that goes without mentioning the beautiful country. Italy, with its combination of historical monuments, culinary meals, coastal towns, mountain areas, and sunny rural landscapes, is the ideal place for a summer holiday if you’re still in the process of planning your next trip. And if you’re not in the mood to book your holiday, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the many gifts of Italy to our modern society.

Glorious, indispensable wake-me-up kick
What is the first thing you do in the morning to feel alert and awake? Here’s a hint: It’s a delicious cup of pick-me-up, strong coffee. Whether you like it black, with a dash of milk, as a cappuccino like they do for a typical Italian breakfast, or even as a soy latte, coffee makes the world go round. And while coffee doesn’t originate from Italy, there is no denying that nobody can make you a strong cup of joe better than an Italian barista. There’s a natural sense of respect for quality coffee in the Italian culture so that you know that if you need to revive your brain cells during the day, nothing can help you better than a shot of espresso, with a little sugar if the taste if too bitter for you. Ultimately, the major part of the population continues to drink Italian coffee specialities every day without knowing it.

Seriously, who doesn’t love Italian food?
For a lot of people, the best comfort food for a family dinner is a dish of spaghetti in rich tomato sauce with decadent meatballs if you’re a meat eater – if you’re a vegetarian, a tomato ragout with aubergine, courgettes, garlic and onions is a delicious alternative – and a generous dose of grated parmesan. For others, nothing can replace the simple but delicious taste of a pizza Margherita, accompanied with an antipasto bathed in olive oil. Italian standards are part of every household’s kitchen! If you’re looking for an authentic taste, have a look for food merchants such as Giannetti Artisans Food. What makes the Italian cuisine so successful is the happy marriage of simple and yummy ingredients. In other words, ditch your ketchup sauce and use a rich tomato passata instead!  

There is a strong sense of history
Every country has a rich culture and history. But Italian artists continue to fascinate art-lovers all around the world.the painter and inventor, Da Vinci, had already suggested a plan for a helicopter during the Renaissance, for instance. His Mona Lisa attracts every year millions of visitors to the Louvre. If you don’t respect the artists, then love the words that the antique Italian culture, the Roman Empire, has given to our language. If altruism, obeisance, and pulchritude are on your agenda, you can thank the Romans for inspiring the English/American language.

So, what do you say? Do you feel in the mood for a Viva Italia party? Sit back, have a latte, and consider the ubiquity of your favorite pasta dish. It’s Italy for you!

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