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The Perfect Equipment For The Budding Home Cook

Becoming a great home cook is an exciting prospect. However, it does take a little work to get there. We’ll assume that you’re hoping to cook to potentially feed a family of people, or to host events in the future. It might be that you really desire to have a more personal relationship with your food. It might be that you hope to eat within the dietary requirements of a strict regime. It might also be that you’re interested in generally being a more healthy and wholesome person. Diet is the most important step to achieving this, and if you want a great diet, you have to know what you’re talking about when it comes to food.

However, learning to cook is a lifetime pursuit. There are many Michelin star chefs who would say they are still young students of the craft. So, we’re not here to discuss refined skills or recipes to woo your friends and family. However, we can offer some ways to help you set up your kitchen, allowing you to get started with the strongest foot forward.


It’s important to set up your kitchen with the best storage. This means that keeping raw and cooked meat away from one another, preferably in either separate or largely divided refrigerators.  It means installing cupboards or overhead cabinets that can divide and keep some of the heavy equipment from the surfaces you hope to cook with. Not only is this hygienic, but it helps declutter your mind when focusing on the art form of cooking.


When cooking for the first time, it can be important to know how to prepare and conserve your own food from scratch. Not only does this inform you of wonderful methods of cooking, but helps you start from a baseline of cooking competence.There is equipment to help you do this. Using the best meat grinder recommended by can help you make your own sausages and mince from scratch.

It could also be you learn how to fillet fish, shank meat, and understand the various processes that prepare these food items. For example, brining chicken in salt water allows for a fresher and more tender chicken breast when cooked in the oven. Using meat presses, owning an assortment of sharp knives from chef sized down to vegetable peeling, and spending a decent amount on these will allow you to keep your tool cabinet stocked and help you attempt any new method you hope to begin.

Family & Personal Recipe Books

Every good chef does keep cookbooks around for the first few years of their cooking interest. However, compiling your own is also important. This is not something you buy, but a priceless artifact you develop over years. Writing recipes in this book and crafting what works for you helps you develop a compendium of your own interests and tastes. It helps you become fascinated with cooking in the long term, and prevents the activity from ever becoming stale. Not only that, but it allows you to document the things you like to eat, and after all isn’t that the beautiful reward and reason for cooking in the first place?

With these kitchen fixtures in place, your development as a great home cook is almost guaranteed.


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