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Better Than The Beach? Alternative Vacations to Sea and Sand

There’s nothing wrong with a week of sea, sun and sand- and sometimes a chance to relax is just what’s needed to recharge your batteries. However for some people, an active vacation where there’s plenty to see and do is more up their alley, and if that sounds like you, here are a few destinations to consider.

Take a Walk in History in Rome
If you want to go on holiday to a destination that’s brimming with history and culture along with lots of interesting places to explore, then Rome will be right up your street. It's dubbed as a 'place of contrasts' by journalists as you have the ancient and impressive modern architecture situated right next to each other. As well as being a look into the past, it's vibrant, modern and trendy. There are tons of galleries and museums, ancient architecture such as the Spanish Steps and Colosseum and so much more. You can get your walking shoes on and explore everything the destination has to offer, far more interesting than lying on a beach!

Appreciate Stunning Landscape and Terrain in France
France is home to both the Alps and Pyrenees mountains making this stunning terrain perfect for activities like sledging, skiing and tobogganing. If you’re a keen partaker in winter sports you’ll want to invest in your own equipment rather than hire, if you’re wondering how to ship skis and other larger pieces of equipment it’s easier than you think. You can send them to a drop off location and pick them up when you arrive instead of trying to pack them with your luggage. Ski resorts offer much more than skiing too, so whether you want to indulge in the spa, go shopping at the little market towns or go on a tour, there’s plenty to make yourself busy.

Submerse Yourself in a Different Way of Life in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is busy and hectic but incredibly interesting and absolutely jam-packed with interesting things to see and do. Because the culture is so different to what we're used to in here in the West, it's a great chance to learn more about a different part of the world. There are monasteries and museums you can visit, all kinds of shops selling fascinating, unique merchandise and markets selling tasty food. You could climb Victoria Peak mountain or even visit Disneyland in Hong Kong. You certainly won't be short of things to do.

Explore The Australian Outback
The outback is one of the most remote areas on earth you can visit. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you’re an active person who likes a challenge and is able to deal with the heat and difficult travel conditions, then it makes for a truly unforgettable experience. In the outback you can book camel treks or go on tours, even safaris to get the chance to see some of Australia’s wildlife. Many species exist nowhere else on the planet.

Have you been to any of these destinations?


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