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Going On An American Pop Culture Trip

Pop culture is something everybody knows about, it’s popular for a reason after all. But it has a long history, and both lovers and haters because of everything that’s involved in making it up. And yet, when people go in search of journeys and destinations that fulfill them, a culture centre is usually the first place people like to go! Whether you love or hate the idea of rockstars, the stars on Hollywood’s walkway, and cutesy pictures decorating every inch of merchandise, you can have the trip of a lifetime.

So once you’ve got the roadtrip squared away, taking in everything a particular route can show you when you’re driving around a country, it’s time to hit the biggest culture centre spots! And there’s often nowhere better in the world than the USA to make sure you’re getting a shot at seeing the most well known stars and famous media sites. So here’s some tips for the pop culture trip you’ve always been intrigued to try out.

Discover the Sites Yourself

Yes, it’s all well and good to book yourself onto the list for Hollywood tours, and you’re going to get juicy details about the stars and stages when you’re being guided by a tour guide. But when it comes down to seeing what you really want to see, you can do a lot better by simply going round the cities yourself.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to take your time, and linger for as long as possible to soak up the sun and talk to the local people milling around you, don’t jump at the chance to hop on a tour bus. Save this for later, as a little respite that’s still completely enjoyable once you’ve taken all the pictures you want to take.

Recreate Famous Scenes

Just like thousands of tourists per year like to hold up the crosswalk at Abbey Road trying to get in touch with their inner Beatle, make sure you recreate any scenes you loved from the movies and the TV shows when you’re out and about in back fields of the main export of the USA. Even just cruising on the L train can make you feel like a movie extra!

There’s the Field of Dreams in Iowa, where any baseball enthusiast can pretend to be surrounded by the ghosts of all the greatest players. And then there’s the woods in Burkittsville, Maryland, for any of the biggest horror fans. Make sure you take plenty of batteries for your camera (and for the flashlight, just in case), and dress up for photos of the scenes you can put your very own spin on.

American pop culture has given a lot to the world, but most of all it’s given us travel opportunities! So take full advantage of them in your next holiday making plans, and introduce your kids to some of the most classic sights you can think of when it’s time to put on a film for movie night.


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