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Hosting an Awesome Child’s Birthday Party, Without Breaking the Bank

Even at the best of times, it’s hard enough making sure that your child has all the food, clothing, and shelter that they need to become a fully functioning member of society. Then there’s the whole matter of their birthday. They want presents, they want a party, they want a fuss! While it can be an inconvenient expenditure, it’ll be a worthwhile one once you’ve seen how happy they are on their big day. And actually, it is possible to throw a party without spending vast sums of money. You just have to be a little bit clever. Below, we take a look at a few useful tips that’ll ensure they have a great party, and also that you don’t have to feel the pinch.


Joint Birthday Party

First thing’s first, do any of their friends have a birthday around the same time? By hosting a joint birthday party, you more or less half your expenses straight away. Of course, you shouldn’t force the issue: only choose a close friend, and someone’s parents you already get along with. Still, if everything fits, then this could be the right way to go. If not, you’ll just have to suck it up and foot the bill yourself.

Do It At Home

You could rent a venue for your child’s birthday party, but really, if you have a home, then there’s little point. A venue will charge money, plus it’ll be much more difficult to cater on a budget. By hosting the party in your house, you’ll be able to keep a tighter control of the costs, including the entertainment and the food. It’s best if you have a garden for everyone to play in, but if not, we’re sure they’ll all be happy indoors.

Who and How To Invite

The more people that go to your child’s party, the more expensive it’s going to be. When you begin to think of the cost as ‘per head,’ you’ll quickly find ways to trim down that party invite list. You don’t need to invite absolutely everyone that your child knows. Keep things limited, and focus on quality over quantity. You’ll be able to host a much better for 12 - 15 people than 25 - 30, for instance. Also, don’t get too hung up on sending paper invites: in this digital age, an email invite is the way to go. They’re cute and all, but they’re expensive, and there are better ways to spend your party budget.

Get Smart With Meals

You can’t host a party without making food and drink available. But by planning what time your party takes place carefully, then you can avoid some expenses. For example, if you host your party from, say, 2 pm until 5 pm, then no-one’s going to expect you to feed their child a full meal. Instead, you’ll be able to make do with snacks and sweets and other treats. This will bring down the cost of the party by guest significantly, and will also reduce the amount of work you have to do.

Let the Theme Be The Entertainment

You could hire a clown, or performer, or anything else for your child’s party, but if you’re on a budget, then it’s probably not necessary. Instead, pick a theme for the party, and let them be the party’s entertainment factor. You can decorate your home in the style of your child’s favorite movie host related games, and so on. You can even buy a mask of one of their beloved characters, and provide the entertainment yourself; find out more about how to get a great deal, and get practising for your ‘role’. The kids will have no idea that you’ve left the professional entertainment out of the budget, and you’ll have some plenty of money. Win-win!


You want your child’s birthday party to be as much fun as possible, but you can’t provide all the entertainment! As such, let free activities do the rest of the work. Organise some classic party games, and you’ll be able to make sure that everyone has fun, in a cost-efficient way - thought you would have to buy something nice for the winner to take home! Games include musical chairs, charades, a three-legged race, and keep up the balloon. That’s the great thing about kids: they’re so committed to just having fun, they don’t care how much it may (or may not have) cost.


DIY the Decorations

If you’re a whizz at DIY crafts, then you won’t have to spend any money on decorations for the party: you’ll be able to do everything yourself! The day before the big event, get to work making some simple decorations. It doesn’t have to anything complicated, just anything that’ll brighten up the place. Even balloons stuck on the wall will do the job, though by all means feel free to get a tad more creative.

Ask The Friends and Family

You’re not going to be the first person to host a party for their child, and you won’t be the last, either. So why not see if any of your friends or family have anything for a child’s party tucked away in their homes? This is especially useful for things like, say, garden floor slides, or parachutes, and other big items that people buy but rarely use. They may even have party-themed cups or other decorations that you can use.

Load up for Next Year

But of course, you’re not going to be able to borrow everything for your child’s party. You might have to fork out the cash for some supplies. While it can feel like the party budget is increasing, remember that you only have to buy them once, but you can use them for the next party you host, too. As such, try to buy reusable supplies, and make sure that they’re being cleared away into the trash at the end of the afternoon.

Whatever you do, have fun! Children’s parties can be fun for everyone, and, as we’ve shown, can be friendly on your bank balance too.


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