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La Grande French Adventure

Je vois la vie en rose.
Paris, je t’aime.
La vie est belle.

French has a certain je ne sais quoi that immediately charms and makes you want to grin and blush like a shy teenage girl. So, if you haven’t yet planned your next vacation, maybe there’s still time to book a trip to France and fall in love with the soft, buttery and flaky croissant for breakfast, followed by a glass of rosé with a yummy egg in hollandaise sauce for lunch, and a flirtatious walk around the most iconic monument of the French capital for dinner? After all, could there be anything more exciting than discovering one of the most beaucoup city on Earth, especially if it makes you feel like a teenager again? There are many reasons why you should spend your next holiday in Paris, but to make it easier for you to pick this glorious destination, here are the top 5 reasons why Paris is the place to see in 2018.

Why you need to go abroad
Ultimately, if you want your children to grow up into open-minded and culturally aware adults, you need, as a parent, to let them interact with a variety of cultures and mindsets. It’s important for kids to discover how things are outside of the comfort of their hometown, or even state. The one thing that supports personal growth efficiently is travel, not just to the next town, but to a different country. Traveling abroad is proven to have a significantly positive influence on children – and adults too! Exploring Europe, for instance, can become a journey that combines the incredible past of the European civilizations and the optimistic future of the next generations. Europe is the place where ancient Roman temples stand next to digital agencies and humanist organizations. There’s a natural richness that visitors can pick up. For children, it’s eye-opening, as they can begin to understand the diversity of humanity and its aspirations. Without becoming a philosopher, it’s always helpful to be aware of how people all around the world think of themselves, even as the children of today are likely to be using digital technology to work closely with global partners. So if you’re in the process of wanting to give your child the best chances in future, a holiday abroad, and especially in Paris, can do wonders!  

#1. Why Paris?
Paris has always been a highly popular destination for tourists, as it’s been constantly reporting around 15 million visitors for the last few years. With a city that attracts so many tourists, you can be sure that there are plenty of facilities to make your stay smooth and enjoyable. In fact, the reason why Paris is still one of the top destinations, it’s because the French capital is very good at being a touristic place. For young travelers and students, the amazing city remains one of the most affordable destinations for an extended stay, as it high minimum wage ensures easy and pleasant living standards for most. Visiting Paris is thankfully equally easy, as the capital is a small town. In fact, you could even use the bike sharing system – which is the largest outside of Asia – to travel through town. If you’re not an avid cyclist, you can join some of the best Paris walking tours and walk through the picturesque alleys and streets that connect the monuments in town.

#2. The city of love
Why do they say that Paris is the ultimate city of love? Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only reason for Paris to have received the romantic title is because French is such a beautiful language. In truth, Paris is a town made for couples and consequently families too. You will find equal beauty in grand and open areas such as near the Eiffel Tower or alongside the small cobblestoned streets in Montmartre. There is a fascinating charm in the biggest and the smallest things in Paris. But more importantly, it’s a town that is easy to walk through and where the streets are wide enough to stroll hand-in-hand with your beau. You can head to the Wall of Love – in French, Le Mur des Je T’aime – where you can find over 300 declarations of love written in 250 languages. Maybe it’s the best place to renew your vows, or simply remind your darling that you are still head over heels in love with him.

#3. The city of culture
Nobody likes to spend their holiday visiting museums. But, when you’re in Paris, it’s difficult not to want to find out more about the history of the town and its people. If you’re visiting for the first time, don’t miss the opportunity to see the infamous Mona Lisa in Le Louvre. But you’ll also find that there is a formidable heritage in every arrondissement, from ancient churches to amazing buildings that reflect on the glorious past of the country. In fact, you don’t need to queue at the entrance of museums to discover the cultural side of Paris. It’s everywhere!  

#4. Learning to appreciate the little things in life
You’ve surely heard all the stories about the delicious French Patisseries. It’s now time to see for yourself what a typical Parisian cake tastes like. You’ll find deliciously delicate macarons at Pierre Hermé, one of the most famous pastry-making boutique in Paris. If you want to have a taste of a traditional French loaf of bread, try the typical boulangerie pâtisserie “Des Gâteaux et du Pain” – cakes and bread – next to the Tour Montparnasse. And finally, fall in love with the simple taste of independent French restaurants.

#5. Finding the iconic decors of your favorite films

Paris is the background of many of your favorite films. In fact, you can even continue your culinary exploration of the city by booking a table at the Café des Deux Moulins, the famous restaurant where Amelie Poulain works. If you’re not hungry, you can find the English library of Before Sunset and revisit the romantic scenes between Ethan Hawkes and Julie Delpy. Or walk in front of the Moulin Rouge from the eponym film, feeling your bohemian soul rattle as you pass the red building.

There is no time to waste. Pack your favorite Breton top and head over to Paris for a family stay you will not forget. From amazing tours to delicious food, there’s so much to make you say j’adore Paris.