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Let's NYC-Scape The Obvious Choice Of New York: Where To Visit

There are so many destinations to visit in the USA, with fifty states to visit and countless iconic cities, you really are spoilt for choice. However, sometimes I think that some of the iconic cities can stop you exploring some of the aspects of the state. New York being one of them. Famed for NYC, this place is normally the only stop you might make in New York. Enjoying the streets of downtown Manhattan, or the vibe that only Brooklyn can offer. However, there is more to this state than meets the eye and I wanted to highlight some of the other places you may want to visit when taking a chance on New York state.

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is a city in the New York area that really has much to offer. It may be a small town to look at it but it certainly has that big city vibe on point. With fabulous and unique accommodation options like the Pavilion Grand Hotel you might be spoilt for choice. Getting your base is essential, and then heading out to explore the Saratoga Spa State Park has much to offer from a pool complex to mineral baths. It certainly could be a worthy stop if you plan on exploring the state in a little more detail.

The Hamptons

The Hamptons is one of those locations in New York that features quite heavily in terms of TV and film appearances, but would be a location that you would visit as part of your vacation? Maybe not. But actually it should be a worthy visit. Famed for its beautiful and long sandy beaches and famous gated residences, it really is a wonderful place to visit with a real laid back vibe. East Hampton is home to some of the finest restaurants and drinking establishments, meaning you could feel like you are dining like a true celeb.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is actually on the border of New York state and Ontario in Canada, and it is a famous landmark that might actually feature on your bucket list. However, many people would’ associate a visit to New York as a visit to see Niagara Falls, and this is where you could really make the most of a trip to this state. With fabulous trails to explore and the amazing viewpoint gorge that enables you to see all three waterfalls in all their glory, it really is a great spot to visit.


Albany is actually the capital of New York state, and perhaps is a litter underrated due to the power and pull of NYC. However, for the art loves and history buffs, the endless museums on offer and fabulous architecture of the streets really makes this place a definite place to visit. Not to mention the well stocked underground shopping center.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought in terms of making the most out of some of the states the USA has to offer. This is just one example, but the story may well be the same across many other states.


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