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PureOptics Lets You Get More Lighting Where You Need It Without Hardwiring or Tools!

I hate that it is so dark under my kitchen cabinets.  I like to prep on my kitchen counter tops and always feel like there isn't enough light for me to see what I am doing.

It is expensive to hire an electrician and have lighting put in, and to be honest, I really don't want to deal with the inconvenience or the mess.

I found a great solution, that is so easy to do, I can do it myself and it is inexpensive.  PureOptics LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kits.  These lights are sleek, linear light bars and they provide maximum illumination with a minimum footprint.  The lights are lightweight and come in sizes 9" to 24" in length.  The best part about them is that they can be installed without and tools or hardwiring.  They can be used anywhere you need more light.

These lights are great for kitchens, bathroom, makeup mirrors and more.  They come in three color temperatures: natural daylight, cool white and warm white, so you can create the mood or look you want in your home.

I found the process so simple. It only took me about 10 minutes to install the lights.  I decided to install 2 of the bar lights in the area that I need lighting.  I just slipped the lights into the channels, plugged in the wiring to connect the lights I was using, and connected them to the main plug.  I was able to tuck any wires with the wire hiders that are included in the kit.

The lights are so bright! 

I must say that I am extremely pleased with the results.  I have substantial lighting now and my kitchen looks brighter!

Another nice thing about these lights  is that I can add more  lights any time I want because the kit is designed so that you can add lighting to different areas through connectors.

I have no experience in lighting and I found this process to be extremely easy.  I wish I bought these years ago.

You can purchase PureOptics LED Under Counter Lighting Kit by visiting this link.


  1. This house is so dark I could really use some of these in the kitchen. I like how easy they are to install.

    1. I was really happy at how easy it was. I just plugged the chord into the light and plugged it into the wall. They adhere with 3M strips.

  2. I totally understand in my senior apartment they have ceiling kitchen light, and that does not help when doing the dishes or any thing else. I need these and they sound very simple to attach.


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