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Life's Dirty Little Secrets - Caring for Ring Around the Collar with Biz

It's time to take charge people!  We are talking about dirty laundry here!  Do you have laundry woes that are the bane of your clothes cleaning tasks?  We all have those certain stains that seem to always haunt us in the laundry room.  Mine is my husband's uniform collars.

I have a husband who is a full time fire fighter in a big city.  He always wears a white collared uniform shirt.  Unfortunately, those collars tend to collect oils and sweat throughout the day, and cause ring around the collar.

Biz helps me fight those nasty stains effectively.  It is very important not to let collar stains set too long,  as a matter of fact, even if a collared shirt looks cleaned after being worn, you should still launder it.  Your body oils get attached to the shirt and over time start to turn the shirt yellow. So keep that in mind.

I have some tips on ring around the collar.

Prevention and Reduction

Ring around the collar is caused by body's sweat, natural oils and dead skin.  If you sweat a lot,  you may want to consider applying a light deodorant to the back of your neck.  I would probably go with something natural.  Also, be sure to wash your neck well each morning before dressing.

Do you use a lot of hair products, like gels, creams, oils and sprays?  If so,  be sure to wipe your neck after application and before putting on your shirt.

Ring Around the Collar Treatment

One important step would be to launder the shirt as soon as you take it off, but if you can not do that, you may want to apply a pre-treatment to the collar before you toss it in the hamper.    Once apply the pre-treatment, rub it in by grabbing each edge of the collar and working it in.  You can use a brush but be careful because a lot of them can cause snags and rubs in the collar or even damage the material.

I personally like to treat my collars with a little bit of BIZ detergent before washing them. This has been my normal routine and really is effective for me.  Once I take care of the collar, I place the shirt in the laundry with my other whites and launder it.  I do not use bleach.  My husband is allergic to it.  Also, did you know that chlorine bleach can cause a reaction with sweat and protein stains to turn  more yellow?

Pre-Existing  or Set-In Stains

These are the mother of all stains. The ones that you never seem to want to come out, and unfortunately sometimes don't.  Time to soak!  The longer, the better.  I would recommend at least an hour, but longer is better. A little hot water and a good stain fighting detergent, like Biz, which is tough on sweat is a great product for this.  Make sure your material allows hot water use.  You can either soak in your machine or in a wash tub.

For those of you who do your laundry at a laundromat,  you can soak the shirt at home an hour or so before heading to the laundry mat and then bring it in a separate bag.

The outcome is a beautiful, clean collar.

Now that you have these tips, I hope that your Ring Around the Collar woes are easier to deal with.

If you have other stains that are your bane, check out these Tips and Tricks from Biz.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I am a Brand Ambassador for Biz Stain Fighting deodorant.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal usage and experience.  Your experience may differ.  


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