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3 Ways to Age Gracefully

We are so resilient when we are kids and we work our bodies at overload because we do not have to worry about it at all. In fact, we are not even thinking about the possibility that we are going to have to worry about it one day. But, unfortunately, as we get a bit older, we start noticing aches and pains and this does not start at a very old age. Most start seeing bodily changes (aches, pains, etc.) in their early to mid-twenties and if you do not start doing something to prevent, or at least delay those aches and pains, they will only get worse. If you are in the same boat as me and most other people, you may want to know how you can make those aches and pains feel better, so today I want to talk about ways to age gracefully!

Find a good trainer
Not only will a good trainer come up with a plan for you to stay in shape and/or lose weight, but he or she should also go over an eating plan with you, to help you stay at peak health, and they should also help you break through scar tissue and heal old injuries. For example, my friend Alex goes to her trainer, Hustle House Health and Wellness in Atlanta, Georgia and he focuses a lot on balance and stretching, as well as some heavy lifting, cardio, and other more ‘traditional’ exercises. They say, “We utilize our Free Flow Fitness Method with individually designed fitness goals for clients of all ages (mobility, strength, weight, healthier) while finding what brings you joy in life (cooking, music, sports, art). We bring a new twist to the traditional 1-hour session; fitting in yoga/flexibility training (breathing/stretching); strength training (barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell); cardiovascular training (bike, ski, kickboxing, jump rope); body weight training (gymnastics, push ups, pull ups, sit ups); and my personal favorite: balance/spacial awareness training (using Revolution Balance boards). We pride ourselves on offering all of this in a 1-hour session while you receive methods of modification for all levels of fitness under the guidance of Owner/Head Trainer Matt Ribley.” Although each trainer is different, go ahead and research and find a trainer that fits what you are needing. If they are good, they should help you focus on aging gracefully by making tasks at home easier as you get stronger and more capable.

Find out where your pain is stemming from
Finding out where your pain is coming from is key because you cannot fix a problem until you know where it is coming from. AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine says, “Too often people are unsure about which healthcare discipline will be most effective in getting them back to the things they enjoy in life.” If you are looking for a diagnosis and an effective treatment plan, AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine, located in New Jersey, just might be the solution for you. Owner and clinic director, Dr. Anthony Alfieri implements a formula that has proven to be immensely effective in alleviating all types of pain, by using a multidisciplinary approach all under one roof. These disciplines consist of Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture. This family-owned practice provides long lasting relief from pain through a collaborative approach using various non-surgical treatments, which maximizes the time and effort from both the physicians and patient standpoint. If you are in pain and struggling to find out what is causing your pain, or do not know how you should begin to treat it, I would highly recommend checking out AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine, which is located in Monroe, NJ.

Be comfortable in your own skin

The most important way that you can age gracefully is by being comfortable in your own skin. This life is too short to not like the skin you're in. Be kind to yourself because you are your biggest critic and try your best to have a positive attitude. Happiness is what life is all about and that happiness starts with yourself! Psychology Today says, “A wealth of research has shown the positive consequences of self-compassion on numerous aspects of our wellbeing, including a greater life satisfaction, emotional intelligence, interconnectedness with others, wisdom, curiosity, happiness and optimism. Self-compassion is also associated with less self-criticism, depression, anxiety, fear of failure, and perfectionism (Neff, 2009). Importantly, to reap the benefits of self-compassion, we don’t need to compare ourselves to others or inflate our egos. Thus, self-compassion can lead to greater emotional resilience, since unlike self-esteem, our heightened feelings of self-worth will not be contingent on our successes.”

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.