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Children Enjoy Learning With Little Hippo Augmented Reality Books

Growing up, my son would love to read and be read to.  I always looked for fun books that also incorporated learning and life skills.  Little Hippo books have taken this a step further with their Augmented Reality books.

What is Augmented Reality you ask? Augmented Reality is a way to bring pages in books to life.  It is done by using an accompanying app with your Little Hippo book.  The app helps to guide you along on this simple journey with step by step instructions.

Here is a description of 2 New Books that are now available from Little Hippo Books:

The first book is titled Let's Learn Alphabet.  This book showcases all of the letters of the alphabet with stories that involve words that begin with each letter.  Each individual page is dedicated  to it's own individual letter.  

Throughout the book, certain pages are marked with a special emblem which indicates that it is an augmented reality page.  

On these pages, you use your smart phone or tablet to hover over the book and bring the page to life.  This will allow you to interact with the page, teach new words and encourage learning.

The second book is titled Let's Learn Counting.  In this book, each page is dedicated to learning numbers and counting through a story line.  Each page represents its own number in counting order.  Specially marked pages will bring the page to life with friendly number characters that will teach your child to count the characters or objects on each page.

Here is an example of the Augmented Reality that accompanies each book:

These books are padded and well made.  The colors are vivid and illustrations are beautifully drawn in a fun, child friendly way.  I love these augmented reality books and find them to be a great way for little ones to learn.  You can learn more about Little Hippo Books by visiting their website.

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Disclosure:  I received books to review for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.