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Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker Makes Creating Jewelry Fun!

I have always loved to do crafts and create. When I was a little girl I always gravitated towards toys that allowed me to be creative and make things.  This Cutie Stix Jewelry Kit from Maya Toys is the type of toy that I love because it allows kids to use their imagination and be creative.  This kit can be used for so many fun projects.  It is so much more than a jewelry maker.  These little cutie stix can be used on craft projects, decorations, shoe laces and so much more.

Check out this video of a similar product from Maya Toys that shows some creative ideas that are made using Cutie Stix:

These adorable beads can be glued onto barrettes, head bands, made into rings, etc.  Let your child's imagination run free! 

Here is a bracelet I made using some precut cutie stix beads in their Friendship Bracelet packet.  Your child can create a similar bracelet using the jewelry kit.

Check out this video I made that explains all of the items that can be found in your Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker Kit:

The Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker Kit can be found at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Here are similar products from Cutie Stix (affiliate links):

If you have any questions about this products, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to get you answers ASAP.

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.


  1. This looks like so much fun I have a niece that would love it for christmas


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