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Are You Getting The Best Travel Photos Possible?

Being a blogger, I am always using photography in my posts to capture moments, introduce products and to set scenes for interest.  Photography is important to me because it is usually the first thing, besides the title of my posts, that people see when they come to visit my website.

The Next Scoop has a great story about 10 Main Reasons Images Are Extremely Important For a Blog.  They explain how your photographs can improve your SEO, help structure your post, and help readers to understand complex information.  They also explain how your photos can give you better exposure on social media, and can help you to promote.

When I write my travel posts, I always look for photos that will captivate my audience or to draw attraction to my post.  I find that it is essential to have interesting photos when posting about travel and destinations that I write about and visit, because my words are painting a picture and I want the photos that I choose to paint that picture in a certain way.

D. Scott Carruthers  has a great website that has a lot of great information to help you get the best shot in your photos, especially when they relate to travel.  There is one section on the site in particular that is very appealing to me.  It is titled "Tips for Taking the Best Photos with a Smart Phone Camera."

This is appealing to me because most of my photography is done with my smart phone.  A lot of time when I am traveling, I do not want to lug along my camera.  Not only that, but many times I wind up visiting places that I didn't expect to be and the only thing I have is my smart phone for photos.
The ten tips include these subjects:

Choosing the Right Phone
Avoid the Zoom Features
Accessories are Important
Use Built-In Features
Download an Editing App
Avoid the Flash
Consider Setting and Background
Play with Lighting Effects
Autofocus Should be Used With Caution
Print Images Regularly

Each one of these topics goes into depth explaining how and why and is a great source of information.  One of the key messages I personally got from the website is to take your time and put work into the photos that you take.  Don't just take a photo and post it or print it.  There are a lot of great editing softwares and apps that can help to brighten, sharpen and edit and hone your photos into professional looking photography.

Other topics on the D. Scott Caruthers site speak about Black and White Photography, Selfies, Top Places in the World to Photograph and so much more.  It is a great source of information and has useful information not only for writers and bloggers, but for anyone who likes to take photographs.

Florescent lighting and nature are another topic that is posted on the site.   This is a great read for me because I take a lot of nature shots.  It is one of my favorite things to photograph.  I love being outdoors and I love sharing those experiences on my blog and social media channels.  There is a lot of great info and tips about taking nature shots on the site.  They include playing with color and how light effects nature.  I highly recommend reading about it, especially if you like to take nature shots.

I don't have any weddings in the near future, but if you do, there is a great section on getting real smiles from your wedding subjects.

I hope this post can inspire you to take a look at your photos and see how you can improve or enhance them.  I got a lot of great information that I plan on implementing into my photos in the future.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. However all opinions and wording is my own.